Blog Round-Up: January 2017


Here are some of my favorite posts published this past month from bloggers that I follow. I hope you find these posts enjoyable and helpful and check out these awesome blogs.


Bo’s Cafe Life
10 Reasons Why You Should Not Write For Fame And Fortune
Seminar Life: The 10 Characters Found In A Lecture Hall
Character Meme – Adventure Party
Blue As Oceans
6 Writing Tools You Can’t Live Without In 2017
Is ‘One Note’ A Writer’s Tool?
World Building Is Overwhelming
Why I Don’t Outline
Little Horoscopes for January
The Monster of the Swamp


Review: Circus Mirandus
How The Ink Born Series Came About
Lovely Graphic, But How’s The Story?
Bookmark Monday #55
The Killer Next Door: A Novel
Book Review: Sister Sister by Sue Fortin
2017 Reading Challenge

Do you have any blog posts you absolutely loved from January? Which one of these posts did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

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