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Time to Write: Random Words 1

Time to write writing prompt

Write a story including the three words listed above.

Happy Writing!

rachel poli sign off

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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Poli is a writer and blogger. She has an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s degree in English Studies. She enjoys writing young adult novels, middle-grade, and children’s picture books. She is currently working on her first novel.

5 thoughts on “Time to Write: Random Words 1

    1. I don’t remember. I have them already listed for the whole year because I found a list of prompts that I was going to do on my blog back in 2014… apparently I slacked off, lol. In other words, a lot of the prompts I’ll be posting this year are 2-years-old. 🙂

      1. Right? I wrote them a year in advance I think I just forgot I did that. When I was trying to plan 2017’s prompts in advance, I found the 2014 ones. So less work for me, lol.

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