Hello, 2017!

Oh, gosh… And another year begins! I can’t believe we’re already into 2017.

2016 came and went in a blink of an eye, it seems like. It was a weird year, but I think 2017 is going to be bigger and better with more positivity and success.

Hello 2017

Did I complete my resolutions for 2016?

Yes and no. At the end of 2015 I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my journal, some I knew were a big unrealistic for the coming year, but I wrote them down anyway so I wouldn’t forget them. There were 30 things on that list and I completed 10 of them.

Not bad, right?

I’m not going to mention any specifics. If any of those accomplishments had anything to do with writing or blogging, I’m sure it was mentioned on here once it was completed. A lot of the goals were more personal.

What are my resolutions for 2017?

They’re more or less the same from last year, with a few add-ons. Again, it’s private in my journal so I won’t be sharing too many of those goals on here. If I accomplish them and it’s a big feat, then I’ll probably mention something on here. But my main goal is to check off a few items from that list.


I’m pledging to read 52 books again this year. I managed 59 books in 2016 whereas I pledged 52, but attempted to aim for 60. If I didn’t get sick that last week of the year I definitely would have been able to do it. The books are on my desk waiting to be read.

So maybe this year will be the year I read 60, but I’m still only pledging 52, one book a week, to be on the safe side.


I think my main goal is to have The Lost Girl and the George Florence series planned out as well as the first book completely done. If I could finish two novels this year, that would be incredible.

I also want to write plenty of short stories and such for contests and magazines. I submitted a lot last year, not as much as I had planned, but more than usual.

What’s up for the blog in 2017?

I have a lot of plans for this blog in 2017… Too many for me to keep track of, actually. My posting schedule is more or less the same:


Sunday: Short Story Sunday (flash fiction, poetry, and now “Dear Diary” non-fiction pieces)
Monday-Thursday: anything about writing, reading, or blogging
Friday: Time to Write (writing prompts; I’ve added picture prompts this year!)
Saturday: Book review


Guest Bloggers: Still twice a month on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pretty much all of 2017 is wide open, so if you would like to be a guest on my blog, go here to my Be a Guest Blogger page.

Interviews: I’ll be interviewing authors on my blog once a month now! For more information on that, check out my Interviews page.

June: Our third Mystery Month. It will be new and improved this year with a special event… The event is still up in the air at this point as it’s too early to tell whether I’ll actually be able to do it or not.

July and August: Bookish events will happen during these two months. I’ll attempt to read two books a week, plus do some fun book tags, book bingo, readathons, and more.


Book reviews: I’m still accepting book reviews from authors, publishers, or just recommendations from anyone. For more information on that, check out my Book Review Policy page.

Newsletter: I started a monthly newsletter back in November. A few subscriber only happenings will begin once I get settled into 2017. So, if you enjoy this blog, sign up for more exclusive content and some goodies for you at my Newsletter here! Or, if you want to know more about my newsletter, check out my Newsletter page here.

There’s a lot of other stuff I’m planning for 2017 both within the blog and outside of the blog, but I’m not going to reveal all of my secrets here.

Overall, this year is going to be filled with fun blog happenings, lots of writing, and great books!

I wish you all the best in 2017.

What are your resolutions for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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38 thoughts on “Hello, 2017!

  1. Good for you, Rachel – 10 goals completed are good! I always give myself more than I can complete but if I get close to doing them all – what a good feeling! Right! Best wishes in 2017! 😃

    • I usually try to overachieve, too. I figured just a little this time will go a long way and if I do more, it’ll feel like more of an accomplishment. 😉
      Thank you and I hope 2017 treats you well! 🙂

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