Goodbye, 2016!

It’s so weird to think that another year has come and gone. I accomplished a lot this past year, yet it’s all kind of a blur at the same time. I started taking author requests for book reviews, I started having guests on my blog, and I started a newsletter!

Let’s recap what happened this year…

Goodbye 2016


-I edited George Florence
-I edited Take Over
-Most popular post: January/February 2016 Writing Contests

-I wrote and researched George Florence some more
-I wrote some Short Story Sundays in bulk
-I started a new blog about video games, Double Jump with Kris
-Most popular post: February/March 2016 Writing Contests

-I edited George Florence some more
-I outlined The Lost Girl and prepped for Camp NaNo
-Most popular post: March/April 2016 Writing Contests

-It was Camp NaNo and I wrote The Lost Girl (I wrote about 50,000 words)
-Most popular post: World Building: Build a World You Love (Part Four) (a guest post written by Nthato)

-I went back to editing George Florence
-Most popular post: Work is Hard

-It was Mystery Month
-I edited George Florence for the first half of the month
-I edited The Lost Girl the second half of the month
-I attempted to do a 24-hour read-a-thon, which didn’t go as well as I had planned
-I outlined and prepped for Camp NaNo
-Most popular post: How To Plan a Crime When Writing a Mystery Novel

-I wrote 50,000 words of Hunter, the novel you guys voted for me to write for Camp NaNo
-I attempted to edit George Florence a little bit too, but I don’t think I did
-I read two books a week
-Most popular post: July/August 2016 Writing Contests

-I edited both George Florence and The Lost Girl
-I read two books a week
-Most popular post: 5 Techniques to Edit a Novel

-I finished writing The Lost Girl (I never finished the full story during Camp NaNo… and yes, I started editing before the story was over)
-Most popular post: 5 Quotes by Mark Twain

-I wrote The Lost Girl
-I wrote and edited two short stories for two contests
-I prepped for NaNo
-Most popular post: October/November 2016 Writing Contests

-I wrote 50,000 words in Short Story Sundays for 2017 for NaNo
-Most popular post: November/December 2016 Writing Contests

-I barely wrote, just prepped and planned for the new year with writing and blogging
-Most popular post: December/January 2016/2017 Writing Contests

I did a lot of editing this year… but George Florence is still not ready. I’ve been trying to figure out the series instead of looking at each individual novel. Sounds complicated, I know, but I have my reasons for doing it that way.

I’m sure 2017 will be great, if not better!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2016!

  1. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished this year! Here’s to your continued success in the new year! I hope you’re feeling somewhat better from your head cold, too. Have a great weekend and Happy New Year!

  2. It’s always good to feel like you’ve made progress in the year. Looking back I feel like I’ve come so far that the me from this time last year is unrecognisable, yet somehow it seems like nothing has changed.

    • I know what you mean. I didn’t get anything truly accomplished, but I worked hard and am one step closer to a lot.
      I’m glad you had a great year, and I wish you well in 2017. 🙂

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