1,000th Post: Resolutions

1000 Blog Post

Today marks my 1,000th blog post for this blog! Yipee!

Seriously, 1,000 blog posts… That’s a lot. And, when I think about it, if I had started posting daily when I originally started this blog, I would have reached 1,000 posts a while ago. But I didn’t start posting daily until 2015 and now here we are.

I started this blog in May 2012, but I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t really find my “niche” until 2014. I made some slight changes to the blog and then my resolution for 2015 was to really keep up with it. So, I guess you could say I didn’t get serious about blogging until 2015.

A lot has happened since May 2012. A lot has happened since the beginning of 2015. A lot has happened since the beginning of 2016. I can’t believe I’ve been running this blog for so long and now I’m writing the 1,000th post with a newsletter, author and publisher book review requests, guest bloggers, etc. And there’s so much more coming in 2017.

It’s amazing what can happen as time goes by.

I make resolutions every year. Some are more serious than others, some I really work hard towards and some I don’t.

I remember at the end of 2015 I wrote a list of everything I wanted to accomplish in 2016. Well, accomplish most of those things. There were some things I wrote down knowing I wouldn’t be able to do it in 2016, but wrote it down anyway just so I wouldn’t forget.

I plan on doing the same thing this year. I definitely have to start branching out more.

But the other day I realized that my resolutions have been the same for the past three years. Four, if you include 2016 going into 2017.

My doctor’s appointment got rescheduled and when I thought about making my following appointment afterward, I realized that the receptionist wasn’t asking, “How about this day?” She was asking, “Where do you see yourself one year from now?”

And I’ve been in the exact same spot for the past couple of years.

Having the same resolutions isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if it’s something that takes time. A year is a long time, but nothing happens overnight. And time loves to play tag and boy, does it run fast!

However, while I’ve been trying to think of different ways to improve my blog, and find a new schedule for my writing, among other things that happen in life, I realized that the way I attempt to accomplish my resolutions hasn’t changed, either.

Each year, I’ve been making the same resolutions and trying to accomplish them in the same exact way, if only with small changes here and there. Before I know it, the New Year is upon us and then I think, “What did I actually do this year?”

Well, I do a lot, I’ll tell you that much.

So, for this year I’m not going to change any of my resolutions. I’m going to change the way I accomplish them. I already have a plan of action (well, half of a plan so far), so we’ll see how it goes.

Sorry to be so secretive, but I’m only going to share my accomplishments. My resolutions are kept to myself because some have to do with writing and some don’t.

Plus, a lot can happen between now and a year from now.

How well do you do with your resolutions? Do you make different ones each year? Let me know in the comments below!

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39 thoughts on “1,000th Post: Resolutions

  1. This way we are little bit same Rachel. Even I try to stay secretive about my resolutions and like to share them only when accomplished. It just feels the more I say about them, the more energy and focus I lose for them.
    All the best for 2017! 🙂
    As far as my 2017 is concerned, I have not thought of anything as of now. Will be planning something within the last week. 😀

  2. Congratulations! I’m amazed that you’re able to post every day. I’ve had only 20 posts since I started my blog in August. My goal for 2017 is at least one post per week, but I’d like to do double that. Do you build up a pile of pre-written posts for when you get too busy to write? I’m trying to do that now. I figure if I can get a couple months in the queue, I’ll start releasing two a week.

    • Thank you!
      Yes, I write my posts about a month ahead of time. I have a lot of posts that I’m able to write well in advanced, so sometimes I go ahead into other months as well.
      Good luck with your blogging goals in 2017!

  3. Congrats, Rachel! Reaching a 100 was mind boggling for me, but the 1000th – wow! 🙂
    I do make resolutions and the one for 2016 I did share on my blog, but I didn’t accomplish all of them. I don’t think I’ll carry over that many for 2017 though because I’m at a different phase in life right now and those are no longer valid. Except maybe learning how to drive because I can’t escape that one!
    I’ll be doing a post soon in 2017 where I think I’ll be sharing my resolutions, so I can’t give away much now. 😀

    • Thank you!
      I didn’t accomplish all my 2016 goals, either. 2017 will be tough, but I’m determined! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to learn more about your resolutions as you accomplish them! Maybe you can even do a post (when you succeed) about what you did different and how it helped you succeed at your resolutions?

  5. That’s a heck of a lot! Good for you for coming up with many, many posts to share with the world!👌🏻
    Keep on going!
    Just posted about New Years Resolutions 2017.

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