Are You Still Writing?

NaNoWriMo ended about a week ago. In some ways, I feel like it never even happened. The month went by way too quickly and I reached 50,000 words a little over halfway through the month. So, I wasn’t writing for the full 30 days.

I always say that November is a busy month and it is… But then December comes and I realize that November was actually a piece of cake compared to the end of the year.

Not only is it busy, but we’re all exhausted from the previous month making us even more tired.

So, my question is, what are you doing this month?

I started thinking about this because of Kris’s post the other day.

I always try to treat December as an “editing” month. I don’t want to write anything new after NaNo because that would just be overkill. I’m already tired and cross-eyed from too many words and bright computer screens.

But I don’t necessarily want to edit my NaNo project, either. I find another novel to work on. Or, like this month, I’m editing Kris’s novel for her.

I think editing a novel after NaNo is the way to go, especially if it’s someone else’s work because your brain gets to rest more than it would if you were editing your own work. You don’t have to think as hard.

So, I haven’t written anything since the 19th of November and I’ve barely even editing Kris’s novel for her. I plan to start it this weekend, but time is scarce this month.

What else is going on in December? Well, there are so many family and friend events due to the holidays. I have to spend Christmas with everyone in my life, which means my weekends are all booked up with Christmas get-togethers and the like.

I have to finish my Christmas shopping and do other things to prep for the holiday.

Then there’s the blog. I have so many cool new features coming in 2017 that blogging has taken up a lot of my time this month. Not to mention I now have my newsletter so that’s another extra thing.

I hope to have all my December posts done by the 15th so I can get a head start on next year and really get focused on 2017.

December is about planning for the future and making goals. I’ve been thinking of what I want to accomplish in 2017 and I’m trying to set myself up for it now.

Despite the holidays, despite everything else, December is always the busiest month because I’m always looking ahead. A new year means new beginnings, new challenges, new goals.

So, no. I haven’t been writing. I haven’t written anything for almost a month now.

I’ve been writing blog posts and writing lists of things I need to do and things I want to accomplish next year.

The new year is a little over three weeks away. Crazy, right? I have no idea where 2016 went. I can’t wait to write my goals posts for the end of this year and beginning of next year… I wonder just how much I accomplished in 2016?

Either way, I hope 2017 is bigger and better.

Are you still writing? Do you treat this month as any other month or as a prep month for the next year? Let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Are You Still Writing?

  1. While I see the appeal of NaNo, it doesn’t work for me. My current goal is a daily word count of 1k–not enough to succeed at NaNo, but better than my previous goal of 500-600 words.

    So not much changes in December for me. My family celebrates both Chanukah and Christmas (which are right on top of each other this year), so that will rob me of a little writing time. But I can live with that. Family time is good. Otherwise, I’ll just keep plugging away.

    • NaNo isn’t for everyone. That’s good that you have your own personal goal!
      Family time is important. I’m not sure many of us will get too much writing done. 🙂

  2. I try to have December as my resting period. I use the month to assess what I accomplished throughout the year, think about new goals for next year.

    December is pretty hard because of the commitments to family. And work is more stressful than most because I deal with customers who expect me to be a magician or something. But this year, I made a goal to write a short story for the holiday. Nothing drawn out. A short piece I’ll post on my blog. So fat, it’s not going so well. But I’m thinking of taking a different approach. We’ll see how it works out and I hope to post it before Christmas.

    • Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing too. It’s like the “wrap up” month, lol.
      Family time is important, though. So I guess we can’t complain about that. We can complain about work, though… I don’t have costumers, but I work with kids and the hype of all of December is rough. Not being able to go to the playground because it’s too cold, the excitement of snow falling, Christmas, etc.

  3. I finished editing a friend’s niece’s book today! Hooray! I plan a weekend filled with parties–low key ones, that all we Seniors can handle–and then cocoon myself for the rest of the holidays.

    • That’s cool! I assume you enjoyed the book?
      My weekends are filled with parties too, but not low key ones… Would you like to trade? Lol.

  4. After the first NaNo, I attempted another one, but I don’t think they are for me at the moment, I might do another one at some point, but for now, slow and steady wins the race, So I am plodding, 500-1000 words a day every day, some day 2000 plus, others barely 300. But it means progress forward on a daily basis. We’re in flux at the moment, waiting for some news before I really properly plan the year, but I have goals in mind 😀

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