Jack Gregson and the Forgotten Portal by Peter Wilson

Jack Gregson and the Forgotten Portal by Peter Wilson book review
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Title: Jack Gregson and the Forgotten Portal
Peter Wilson
Genre: Middle grade fantasy
How I got the book: I got a free digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Summary (modified from Goodreads):

Something has changed at the Gregson Manor. An emerald has been stolen and a dark mist infects one of its Gardens.

Jack and his cousins are thrown into a universe of black magic and dark secrets, as they search for a way to save their world and hopefully the whole universe with it.

My Review:

This was a short, fun read.

Jack and his two cousins, David and Rosie, discover a secret within their family and have to stop the evil within many portals in order to stop it from getting to Earth.

This is a fun fantasy adventure that is perfect for middle graders, especially if they’re trying to find a book or series to really get into.

The world was unique with the many portals, different creatures they encountered, and the magic system.

The characters were enjoyable to follow. Jack and David are 13-years-old while Rosie was 11-years-old, but she didn’t act her age. I felt as though she was older.

My biggest problem with this book was that I felt as though it was rushed at times. The story is 162-pages long and more definitely could have been done on their adventure. It was pretty predictable as well. I knew the Shadow Man’s identity from the moment he was introduced. Even then, his identity was revealed within the next two chapters to the reader and then Jack figured it out shortly after.

The beginning started off strong, but as I kept reading I began to lose interest. It started to feel too rushed that I couldn’t take the time to care about what was going on anymore.

Overall, this book is a fun fantasy adventure that I would definitely recommend to middle-grade kids that are finding a series to get into or who are just starting to get into reading.

Jack Gregson and the Forgotten Portal by Peter Wilson gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote:

“At least eight feet tall, it looked like a cross between a polar bear and a monster from a Saturday morning cartoon.” –Peter Wilson, Jack Gregson and the Forgotten Portal

About the Author:

I’m an Australian, writing in my spare time.

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