Time To Write: One

Talk about anything as long as there’s only one. Or talk about the number itself.

What if only one person shows up to a party? What if there is only one cookie left? Is having just one a good thing or a bad thing?

Happy writing!

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17 thoughts on “Time To Write: One

  1. What a good writing post. Good to think about one-ness: the one and only…is there really only ONE out there for each person? I have friends who have found their true, one-and-only soulmate more than ONCE in a lifetime. And everyone needs to have a “One party” sometimes. Check out the little You Tube “School of Life” cartoon on “Self Compassion.” It reminds us to take good care of ourselves and having a party for one is just what is in order some days!

    • One certainly a good thing at times and it’s not necessarily the “loneliest number.”
      Thank you. And I will check out that YouTube video!

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