September 2016 Wrap Up


I read most of the books I had planned on reading this month. Time got away from me when I started back at work halfway through the month, but I still read a good amount. My Reading List has been updated with the books I read and reviewed this month.


My writing was non-existent this month. I started off strong in the beginning, but then once I had to get back into my day job routine, everything kind of fell apart. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but I’m playing around with different schedule ideas. I’ll see what works and hopefully get back into a routine soon.


I did manage to get a lot of blogging done, though. I had most of my September posts done by the time the first week of September ended. So that was a load off my shoulder to say the least.


September wasn’t as productive as I thought it would be. But I had worked on other things and tried to write whenever I could. I have a plan for the next couple of months, provided I can get myself into a good rhythm balancing work and life.

Posts to Remember

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How was your month? Did you get your goals accomplished? Let me know in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “September 2016 Wrap Up

  1. Keep pushing it girl! I think you did a great job this month and I can’t wait to see what October brings us. I bet you’ll get this all sorted out. I’m also trying to straighten out my timing with adding my own blog into the mix. I had to create a schedule of when I’ll do things and it’s seems to be working so far. I bet you’ll get over this bump with no problem. 😀

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