Blog Round Up: September 2016

September 2016 Blog Round Up

The Looking-Glass, Part 1
How To Make Lemonade When Writing Gives You Lemons
Still Can, Still Am | A Poem
First Signs of the New Season – Fall 2016
What’s Your Sign?
Saoirse & Connor: Ch.1
Just Thought I’d Point That Out
Seeping Scarlet Screams 

Apparently, all the posts I bookmarked this month were writing-related… I’ll try to have more of a variety next month!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Round Up: September 2016

  1. Your writing posts have been ones I have shared with my students who have aspirations of writing themselves. Most haven’t “gotten around to it yet” (I am keeping them busy busy with assignments!) but they are at least aware that there are other young writer wannabes “out there.”
    Thanks for your unwitting support and help.

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