Short Story Sunday 128: Storm

            Lucy checked the weather upon waking up that morning. It was bright and sunny already outside at six-o’clock in the morning. The summer heat was rapidly increasing as it was already almost 80-degrees. It was supposed to reach 96 within the next couple of hours with a chance of thunderstorms later on.

She didn’t mind this. Now that she was working part time at her job, she didn’t care what the weather would be like. If there was going to be a lot of rain later on, at least she would be home. Even though she would rather go swimming in her pool after work thanks to the heat, she didn’t mind the rain. She’d curl up on the couch with a book instead. The rain would be a good excuse for her to lounge around.

The rain started the moment she got home from work. First it was a light drizzle and then it got heavier as minutes past. Lucy made herself some macaroni and cheese for lunch. She stared out the window as she ate mesmerized by the drops of rain smacking against the slider glass door. She loved watching the rain drip down making streaks of water along the door. Sometimes it made little pictures, just like the clouds did. Other times it just looked like water and the door was wet.

She loved the sound of the rain as it pitter-pattered against the windows and the roof above her. She closed her eyes with a smile across her lips listening the steady beat of the rain.

Then she felt the mist.

Lucy opened her eyes and looked up above her in a slight panic. There wasn’t a leak in the roof, was there?

No, her skylights were just open.

Lucy jumped off of the couch and grabbed the pole to close the two windows. She hooked one end of the pole to the window on the ceiling and twirled the other end around as the window slowly closed. Once she couldn’t turn it anymore, she moved onto the next window.

She put the pole back up against the wall behind a cabinet and drew in a deep breath. She was so hot. The house was awfully muggy. The mist from the rain coming through the skylights actually didn’t feel so bad.

She wiped some sweat off her forehead and then glanced back over at the slider door. Lucy cracked a smile. She opened the slider and the mist from the downpour hit her through the screen door.

Without another thought, she opened the screen door and stepped out onto her deck bare-footed. The air was warm, but the rain beating against her skin was cool to the touch. She outstretched her arms and tilted her head up with her eyes squeezed shut. The rain poked at her face and arms almost like it was giving her a nice massage. She giggled.

Lucy stayed out there for only five minutes, but it felt much longer. She listened to the rain pound on her deck and felt it poking at her skin. It was refreshing, it was relaxing.

When she was finally soaked from head to toe, she decided it was time to head back inside unless she wanted to get sick.

She stepped inside her house closing and locking the slider door once more. Lucy tip-toed through the house as though that would help keep the floor dry. Though her footsteps stained the kitchen tile and rain water dripped from the ends of her hair.

Lucy made it into the bathroom and stripped down immediately. She struggled with her shirt as it stuck to her, but she managed to shimmy out of it instead of trying to pull it over her head. Then she stepped into the warm, steaming shower allowing another water massage.

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