Short Story Sunday 124

            May grinned the moment she stepped through the front door of her house. Everyone else in the household was still at work or school. She looked down at her wrist watch and realized that she had about three hours to herself before anyone else came home.

She dashed into her bedroom and threw her work bag onto her bed. She would put that away later. Immediately she went into the bathroom taking out all the cleaning supplies.

With everyone out of the house, May had the opportunity to scrub down as many rooms as she could without anyone getting in her way or interrupting her.

She started with the bathroom knowing that would be the easiest and least time consuming. She cleaned the bathroom once every other week, so the room was in fairly good shape. She used the sink as the base for her sponge where she would rinse it off. So she started cleaning the tub, then the toilet (there was just something so satisfying about cleaning the toilet), and then end at the sink. She would mop the floor last knowing she would get it dirty as she cleaned the rest of the bathroom.

After about 45 minutes or so, May put the bathroom things away and smiled at the room impressed with herself. She always did a thorough job cleaning, but since she had no interruptions and was able to get it done alone, she felt as though she did a better job.

Then she moved onto her bedroom. She hadn’t cleaned her bedroom in a while, she was sorry to admit. May had a pile in the corner of her room that was just junk. None of those things had a proper place in the room, so May would toss it over there until she found a spot. Now that area that was supposed to be a clear floor turned into a spot of its own.

May organized everything in that room. The shelves above her bed, her dresser, her closet, her clothes, and her desk. Then she dusted and vacuumed the entire room. She stood in the middle of her pristine bedroom nodding herself her approval of a job well done.

She squinted at the clock on the other side of the room. Her bedroom alone took her about two and half hours. How did that happen? She didn’t have that much stuff, did she? The room must have been messier than she thought.

“I’m home! Hello?”

May groaned as her shoulders slumped. Her son was home from school. She wanted to get a head start on the living room or maybe even the dining room, but now she was going to be on homework duty.

She shrugged the feeling away knowing she got a lot more accomplished than she originally planned. The other rooms would have to wait another day.

As May walked down the stairs to greet her son, she just hoped that by the time she got to cleaning again the other two rooms wouldn’t be messy again.

But she knew that was always the way it went.

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13 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday 124

  1. I hit “liked” but may I say “loved” instead. What a good feeling cleaning and organizing gives me! No kids to mess up but two senior citizens and a cat manage to make a mess!

    • Cleaning and organizing is the best, I must say! I don’t have kids either, but I do have a cat, dog, turtle, and fish. Plus my sister and parents. So there’s that.

  2. I had three children. They are all married with families now but I remember staying up until one or two in the morning to get everything done before I had to get ready for work the next day. After the homework thing we had dinner. There were showers, and then I did laundry. Prepared dinner for the following night and set the table for breakfast. In between, vacuumed, dusted, wiped fingerprints off of various places and a half dozen other chores. I could not go to sleep until everything was in order. I would wake up at around four or five am and made lunches, woke up the kids and made breakfast. I was out the door by eight.
    Now that I am retired and get to do what I like, the house stays clean, unless of course the grand children are around. I get to relax and even take a nap if I feel like it. It was all worth it, my children are great parents and my grand children are the joy of my life. After all I don’t have to take care of them twenty four seven. They all go home……:o)

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