SkyClan’s Destiny by Erin Hunter

Warriors: SkyClan's Destiny by Erin Hunter book review by Rachel Poli
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Title: Warriors: SkyClan’s Destiny
Erin Hunter
Genre: Middle grade fantasy
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Summary (from Goodreads):

The return of a long lost Clan . . .

Many moons ago, five warrior Clans shared the forest in peace. But as Twolegs encroached on the cats’ territories, the warriors of SkyClan were forced to abandon their home and try to forge a new life far away. Eventually, the Clan disbanded–forgotten by all until Firestar was sent on a quest to reunite its descendants and return SkyClan to its former glory.

Now, with Leafstar in place as leader, SkyClan is thriving. Leafstar is desperate to believe that her Clan will survive where the ancient SkyClan cats failed. But threats continue to plague the Clan, and as dissent grows from within, Leafstar must face the one question she dreads: Is SkyClan meant to survive?

My Review:

This book is the third super edition to be released in this series. It’s not part of the main series, or any series, but it takes place after the first super edition, Firestar’s Quest. 

SkyClan is now on their own after all Firestar has taught them. We follow Leafstar as she leads a brand new Clan from scratch solving problems, leading them to battle, and making the right decisions.

Like the other Warriors novels, this book is all about the cats loving in the wild and trying to survive and defend their territory. Being a new Clan, Leafstar worries about which warriors take the Clan seriously and whether she’s a good leader or not.

The plot isn’t very deep. The main idea is for the Clan to learn to live and care for one another.

The characters are all wonderfully developed. Leafstar really grows throughout the novel as she learns to take care of herself and her Clan. 

This is a long series, but I think it’s a great beginner series for young kids getting into reading. 

Warriors: SkyClan’s Destiny by Erin Hunter gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote:

“Cats are supposed to be able to see in the dark, and I for one don’t want to be a blind leader.” –Erin Hunter, Warriors: SkyClan’s Destiny

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13 thoughts on “SkyClan’s Destiny by Erin Hunter

    • Oh, geez, let’s see… They’re broken up into mini series of six books. They’re on their sixth series so that’s 32 main novels. Then there are nine super editions (SkyClan’s Destiny being one), a manga series that has 13 books, nine novellas, and six guides for the series. What’s that? 69 books so far? So 69 total, but 32 for the main series so far which will eventually be 36. I don’t know if they’ll add a seventh series, which would be more.

      • WOW, didn’t know that. Okay now I have to try more middle grade. Have you ever thought of writing middle grade? You could totally do a detective series.

        • I have actually! I have a few middle grade ideas flying around in my head. Middle grade, young adult in various genres, and I’ve written a few children’s picture books as well. There’s too much I want to do, lol.

          • I reckon you would be an amazing middle grade writer – you work with kids and you read stacks of MG fiction, it’s made for you 😀 Plus – are there many crime /detective series in middle grade? Maybe I don’t know cause I don’t read it but nothing stands out – total gap in the market.

            • It’s definitely something that’s been in the back of my mind. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing has really been standing out or motivational for me to actually get started on it.

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