Blog Round Up: August 2016

August 2015 Blog Round Up Rachel Poli

Here are all the articles I found helpful and amusing this month. Enjoy!


Never Have I Ever | Reading Edition
5 Reasons Why Books Are The Best
5 Favorite Authors
Cover Reveal: Bleeding Hearts
What I Look For In A Book (As A Reader)


Chasing Freedom
7 Activities for a Waiting Author
The Patient Scribbler
Unfinished Drafts
Writespiration #94 Condense Your Novel Into 3 Sentences
Soft-Footed Death — A Riddle
Family Bonds — A Riddle
Returning to an Unfinished and Previously Ditched Draft


The Benefits of Blogging

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15 thoughts on “Blog Round Up: August 2016

  1. Oh! I made the list! ^_^ Thank you! And I’ll have to check out a couple of the other blogs you’ve listed. Some I know I’ve looked at in the past, but I seem to have a large case of the dumb because none of them look overly familiar…

    • I know what you mean. Though it’s funny looking back at some of those posts because I forgot about them, but I loved them when I first read them.

  2. I can really use this list if it is ok to share it with aspiring writers in my class. Yes, we have met the first session, and yes, I held up! They seemed to enjoy it (or at least were not bored, but then there was a lot of interaction and small-group activities. Although the scavenger hunt to form the small groups of 3 or 4 got so loud I had to close the door! Ha Ha.)

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