Short Story Sunday 123

            “Wake up, wake up!”

Crystal blinked her eyes open. The moment her blurred vision cleared and she saw her little sister standing over her bed, she rolled right over groaning.

“What are you doing?” her sister asked.

“Rox, go back to sleep.” Crystal moaned.

“No. We need to get this day started.” Rox cheered.

“What time is it?”


“Please tell me you’re joking…”

“The sun is already up, Crystal.” Rox sighed. “It rose at five-eighteen. Do I need to open the blinds?”

Crystal rolled back over glaring at her sister. “Don’t you dare.”

Rox put her hands on her hips and stared down at her older sister. She let out another sigh wondering what to do. She didn’t understand why Crystal didn’t get that when you started the day earlier, you got more out of the day. There were so many things to do during the day, so why waste the first couple of hours of it?

Crystal had closed her eyes again and Rox couldn’t tell if she was back asleep or if she was just trying really hard to pretend to be sleeping again.

So she poked her.

“What are you doing?” Crystal’s eyes shot open once again into a death stare.

“I was wondering if you were awake.” Rox shrugged.

“Of course I’m awake! You’re still here.” Crystal shifted her weight and sat up in her bed. She stretched her arms up high and released a yawn as big as a lion’s roar.

“Are you ready to get out of bed now?” Rox smiled batting her eyes cutely at her sister.

Crystal narrowed her eyes. “I’m not ready, no. But I’m going to get up anyway because you’re annoying me.”

“Great!” Rox cheered plopping herself down on the foot of Crystal’s bed. “It’s in the seventies right now since the sun isn’t completely awake. I figured now would be the perfect time to sit outside on the deck with a cup of coffee and read a book together.”

Crystal swung her legs over the side of her bed. She paused and stared at her sister suspiciously. “You have the whole day planned out… Don’t you?”

“Of course!” Rox grinned. “It’s the first day of summer vacation, after all. We have to make it count.”

Crystal glanced over at the clock on the other side of their bedroom. She sighed again while standing up. “Let me at least take a shower first.”

Words: 405

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36 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday 123

  1. Nice story-start, Hon. I particularly liked comparing her yawn to a lion’s roar. I could see her stretch and yawn/roar (maybe could hear it a little too.) Ha Ha!
    Again, you have mastered the art of dialogue. If you ever want to give lessons or guest lecture….

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