Time To Write: Show Your Character’s Biggest Fear

Last week’s prompt was a Sentence Starter.

Write Something Every Day wrote a great piece:

“He couldn’t wait to see her again. But did he really mean that? If it were true then why did he refuse to follow her on social media? She had chosen someone else over him – that’s why and now, the thought of witnessing what he couldn’t have made him hate her. Hate them.
He had only agreed to see her to make a statement that he was okay. He was ‘fine’. Deep down, in his guts, she had hurt him and he resented that.
Truth be told, what he wanted more than anything was for her to tell him; she wasn’t happy. On their last brief encounter, she had not been herself. She had been broken. She didn’t admit this though, in fact she had made out that everything was great.
So there we have it. He had loved her and she had loved someone else. She broke his heart and months later he wasn’t okay. She was great though, he wasn’t, but she was fine.
So really, he never wanted to see her again. He didn’t want to be a part of that life she lived anymore. And yet, he couldn’t wait to see her again is what he told her.”

Nthato shared a sweet story on his blog, A-Scribe To Describe.

Thanks guys!

This week’s prompt is…

Everyone has a fear.

What’s your character’s and how do they deal with it?

Or do they not deal with it at all?

Feel free to post your story in the comments below. I’d love to see what you come up with. If you respond by Thursday, August 11, I’ll post your story and a link to your blog for next week’s Time to Write prompt.

Happy writing!

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