Final Update: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016

I’ll be going away on vacation in a couple of days so my main goal for Camp this month was to write 50,000 words by the 22nd.

Since I finished my novel pretty early, I decided to finish off those words by writing short stories.

So, let’s see how I did.

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016 Stats Rachel Poli

In order to make 50,000 words by the 22 of July, I had to write 2,500 words a day. As you can see from my stats, I started off so well.

Once I finished the first draft of my novel, Hunter, writing became harder. It’s easier to bang out nearly 3,000 words for one continuous story, but not so much when you’re writing short stories.

I decided to write some Short Story Sundays in advance to finish off my word count. I wrote and wrote and wrote and thought it would be easy.

It’s not.

I wrote one story and was proud when I tallied up the word count. I had only written 637 words. I thought I had at least 1,000 by the time the story was done.

It’s hard to figure out what to write next, too. I often sat there for a while trying to find a prompt for the next short story.

You would think writing short stories would be easier than adding words to a novel, but for some strange reason, it’s just not.

Not to mention that I only have about four short stories left to write for the rest of 2016. That’s not going to bring my count up to 50,000. So what am I going to do then?

Oh, I’m sure you’ve also noticed that I’ve gotten behind in my word count and then caught up and then got behind again and so on. That never happens to me, so we’re just not even going to talk about it.

I do plan on bringing a notebook or two on vacation with me. I think whatever I write up there, whether they’re short stories or beginning a new novel (yes, I thought of another new novel idea), I’m going to tally that up.

So this month, for Camp, I added words to a novel, I wrote a bunch of short stories, and I’ll be handwriting something completely different.

This month has been all over the place.

And it’s been a challenge indeed.

How has Camp NaNoWriMo been treating you this month?

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18 thoughts on “Final Update: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016

  1. I haven’t done nanowrimo but it sounds much more difficult that people think! I’m glad you got off to a good start though and I’d say good stories are more important than word count (I know that’s not the point, just saying).

  2. I sure do enjoy reading about your writing adventures and updates. It gives me insight into my students’ writing lives as they enter my classroom doors this fall semester. Hopefully they have written SOMETHING this summer which they will be willing to share with me. That is a side-benefit of my job.
    Continue writing to prompts. If you need any (although you have come up with some steal-worthy ones) let me know.
    Have you considered essay writing? Your opinions on things (they don’t have to be profound issues; some of the best essays are light magazine-publishable-quality) matter and would make interesting blog posts to this reader.
    Happy vacation. Happy and productive writing.

    • It must be fun to teach creative writing! I may have already asked this, but what level do you teach?
      Essays aren’t a bad idea. I just need a few ideas, lol.

      • Sweetheart, I teach Academic/Argumentative Writing at the junior, senior and graduate level at the university. The course is listed as Advanced Writing and is required by all Human Science and Humanities College students at the university. (good job security). This means a mishmash of majors from physical therapy to psychology to literature and history to art and graphic design. It’s an exciting challenge to get such diverse individuals to write clearly and effectively. I am not so much an instructor/lecturer as a writing coach. Unfortunately I am responsible for 24 individuals from all skill levels ranging from 8th grade skills to published researcher skills. Like I say, it’s a challenge.
        As far as essays, stick to what you are passionate about and interested in yourself, and I guarantee your essays will interest your readers!

        • Oh, wow! From the advice you give I assumed you taught creative writing. Either way, it must be fun especially if you get so many different majors. Challenging, as you said, but fun and interesting.

          • Usually I try to meet all the objectives for the academic writing part by mid-term so I can spend the rest of the semester teaching what I call “real world writing” which is more journalistic writing. We do whatever the current class of students needs. Many times they write personal essays like the ones needed to get scholarships or to get into graduate school or even to transfer to another university for the remainder of their college education. I use Zinsser’s ON WRITING WELL 30th anniversary edition as the basic textbook (You can get it on Amazon etc. and used and in paperback for $15 or less. It has so much practical information for all kinds of writers. Now I sound like a commercial, don’t I? Ha!

              • I have read it through as many times as I have the Bible, and I always come away having learned something new. Funny thing, I started teaching from it thirty years ago when it was new! The advice to writers is ageless, and the author has taken his own advice and shortened the chapters, keeping things simple, and eliminating clutter. It is a shorter, better book in the 31st anniversary edition. I don’t, of course, tell my students this. Ha Ha!

Let me know your thoughts!

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