Short Story Sunday 118

            I couldn’t see much, but the screaming and chopping sounds–and then the abrupt stop of the screaming–were enough to freak me out. I couldn’t wait for it to be over and I was glad that I decided to wear my wrist watch for once. It was a lot easier and safer to check the time from under the blankets rather than risk peeking out to glance at the clock.

“Dude, are you seeing this right now?”

I shook my head from under my blanket. Whether Jeremy noticed the subtle shake under the blanket, I was unsure. But I had a feeling that if I opened my mouth I would surely throw up, even though I wasn’t even seeing the blood and guts on the screen.

What was wrong with Jeremy, anyway? He asked if he could pick the movie so that he wasn’t stuck watching another chick flick. I didn’t think I picked those kinds of movies, anyway. I just liked to cuddle. Was that such a crime?

Either way, Jeremy knew that I wasn’t a huge fan of horror movies. Yet, he picked one anyway. How in the world was I going to be able to sleep tonight?

Also, shouldn’t he have been cuddling me right now? Wasn’t he supposed to be comforting me and making sure that I was okay, not scared, and felt safe? He was doing a lousy job attending to his boyfriend duties.

How much longer? I checked her watch. We were only 45 minutes into the movie. I whimpered, but it didn’t sound like Jeremy heard me over the… was that a chainsaw now?

“Whoa! The guy just came out of nowhere and swung his axe so hard that the other guy didn’t even see it coming. That head went flying!”

Oh. My. God.

Normally I would have demanded that he turn the movie off. But, we made a bet at the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to get through one horror movie compared to the thousands of romantic ones I made him watch.

I only hoped that hiding under the blanket still counted as watching the movie.

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22 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday 118

  1. Haha poor girl! Horrible boyfriend. Great writing. I enjoy my fair share of horrors, although I was traumatized as a child watching Freddy Kruger. But I love them now.

    Very well written Rache. Good job!

  2. LOL, Rachel. I can’t watch horror films either and luckily have never been challenged to watch one. I can just see you under the blanket – great job!

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