A Video Game Day

Is today Saturday?

Oh. I guess it is.

Well, I caved yesterday and decided to download PokemonGo.

So after I got home from my friend’s house, Kris and I played PokemonGo for the first time.

Then we decided to play more video games after.

It wasn’t until about ten-o’clock last night that I realized I never finished reading the book I’m currently on.

So. Oops?

Stay tuned for the review on Tuesday! And I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

If you play PokemonGo, which team are you on?

32 thoughts on “A Video Game Day

    • That’s why I put it off, but I’m not addicted to it at all. It’s fun, but I’ve only played for about a half hour a day. Except the first day I downloaded it because I had no idea what I was doing, lol.

    • I haven’t playing as much of it as I thought I would though. It’s cool, but I wasn’t “impressed,” lol. I’m not even level five yet, but I do plan on joining Team Mystic. 🙂

        • Last night my sister and I had it on while we were writing and we were just waiting for the Pokemon to come to us. Totally cheating, lol.
          But it is fun, we just only play about hour a day. I know a lot of people who have it on all day long.

            • I heard about that, too! I’m so jealous, lol. Who has the money to quit their job and dedicate their life to a Pokemon game?
              I mean, good for him though. He’s at least traveling the world, which I know is a bucket list item for most people.

                • Yes, this is true.
                  I also heard that one guy had already caught most of the Pokemon… like, 91 out of the 151, I think? The game has only been out a week.

                    • Oh, I’m sure. It’s a great concept, but I think I would rather have it out for the virtual reality they’re currently developing. Granted, we wouldn’t be outside getting exercise, but they’d be able to do a lot more with it.

                    • That’s the only downside of it, lol. It’s nice the game gets people out and walking, BUT I think it’s sad that people need a video game to get them to exercise, lol.

                    • true 🙂
                      but there’s simply no time….

                      anyway, my friend took me to one of the double pokestops points today. there were plenty of people playing :D. It’s kind of a curious experience. Especially for people not playing… just walking by… “why there are so many people in this spot all of a sudden? It never happened before”

                    • I’m excited for that! I have yet to go outside my neighborhood to play the game. I’ve heard a lot of fun stories of people meeting and connecting.

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