Short Story Sunday 117

            Alicia took off her three-inch heels that shone like a bright red apple. She grabbed one and then kicked off the other. She sat down on the foot of her bed crossing one leg over the other and rubbing her foot. A moan escaped her lips as she smiled.

At that moment, her bedroom door flew open and her little sister charged right in. She threw herself onto the queen-sized bed, sprawled out like an eagle, grinning ear to ear at Alicia.

“So? How did it go?”

Alicia opened one eye to glance at her sister. She wasn’t even allowed one moment of peace. She knew she should have taken her heels off at the front door. What was it with 10-year-olds and having supersonic hearing for things they weren’t supposed to hear?

“Maggie, shouldn’t you be asleep? It’s like,” Alicia leaned forward to check the digital clock on her night stand, “midnight.”

“Well, I was asleep. And then I saw some headlights from Ryan’s car and then I heard you come in through the front door.” Maggie explained proud.

“If you were asleep, how did you see the headlights?” Alicia cocked an eyebrow.

Maggie’s eyes grew bigger. “Uh… The walls are thin?”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

Maggie groaned rolling over onto her back. “Can you just tell me how the date went?”

Alicia drew in a deep breath and blew it out through her mouth. Maggie wanted so bad for Alicia and Ryan to start dating. Ryan’s little brother, Luke, was Maggie’s age and they were friends at school. They schemed up a blind date hoping it resulted in marriage so they could be little-brother-and-sister-in-laws. But Alicia didn’t have the heart to tell Maggie that wasn’t a thing.

“Well,” Alicia stood up and walked over to her closet opening the door, “it was fun.” She stepped into the walk-in and slipped out of her short black dress tossing it into her laundry basket. She opened a drawer in the back and pulled out a pair of legging shorts and a white cami.

“Fun? That’s all I get?” Alicia heard Maggie groan from the other side of the closet door.

Alicia smirked to herself as she got dressed into her pajamas. She emerged out of the closet, closing the door, and taking her diamond stud earrings out.

“But you wore the dress!” Maggie protested.

“Yes, I did.” Alicia agreed.

“I thought that kind of dress was supposed to make boys swoon over you?”

Alicia dropped her earrings in a small drawer in her jewelry box. She froze and then slowly turned around. “Swoon? Where did you hear that word?”

“The Internet,” Maggie stated.

“And what were you doing on the Internet that involved that word?”

“I Googled, ‘How to make boys fall in love with my older sister.’”

Alicia stared at her sister in disbelief. She couldn’t believe Maggie had gone through so much trouble. She turned back around watching herself in the mirror as she took out her ballet bun.

“The website said to wear a sexy dress.” Maggie continued. Alicia choked. “I didn’t know what that meant, so I looked it up. Actually, I looked up images because the definition was pretty confusing.”

Alicia choked again.

“In one of the pictures, there was a blonde lady, just like you, who was wearing a short black dress. So, I looked through your closet and found that you have a short black dress. Except yours is better than the girl in the picture because yours sparkles at the bottom.” Maggie giggled.

“Okay…” Alicia took another deep breath. “Clearly, I need to talk to mom and dad about the parental controls again…”


“Nothing,” Alicia waved her hand dismissively and turned back to taking out her hair. “You should be in bed.”

“I want to hear all about your night, though.” Maggie frowned. Then she immediately perked back up with another wide smile on her face. “I bet you’re not telling me anymore details because the date probably went from friendly to romantic to sexy to–”

“Maggie!” Alicia whipped around to glare at her sister.

“What?” she shrugged. “There was another website that explained different bases and stuff. I didn’t realize sports had anything to do with dating, but guys really like that kind of stuff, don’t they?”

Alicia placed her hairbrush down on her dresser. She scooped up her sister in her arms and carried her out of the room.

“What are you doing…?” Maggie asked cautiously.

“You shouldn’t be looking those things up on the computer. You shouldn’t even be thinking so deeply into this date with Ryan. It’s well past midnight and you need to get to sleep.” Alicia said firmly.

She opened Maggie’s bedroom door and dropped her sister onto the twin bed. She tucked Maggie in and kissed her on the forehead.

“Goodnight, Maggie. No getting back up, either. Mom and dad will kill me if they know I’ve allowed you to stay up this late.” Alicia warned.

Maggie sighed and curled up onto her side hugging her stuffed giraffe. “Okay… But will you tell me how it went in the morning?”

“Of course,” Alicia cracked a small smile.

“Goodnight.” Maggie smiled closing her eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Alicia closed Maggie’s bedroom door.

She turned around leaning her back against the door. She bit her lower lip gazing at the ground. Alicia didn’t want Maggie to get her hopes up too high. But then again, she really enjoyed her time with Ryan that night.

In fact, she couldn’t wait to see him again.

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