Voting and May 2016 Wrap Up

Hello, everyone! I’m cheating the system today. Instead of having this post just be my May Wrap Up, I decided to enlist your help first.

Camp NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. Again. The new session starts in July. As you know, I’ve been busy with my detecitve series as well as April’s Camp NaNo, The Lost Girl.

Of course I can’t resist writing during a NaNo session. So I want to write something. But seeing as George Florence and The Lost Girl are in the editing stage, I can’t really work on them.

Last year, I had no idea what to write so I added a poll and you guys voted on what I should write. I decided to do that again and I hope you all take a moment to read each summary for my three novel choices and then take a second to vote on your favorite one. I’d really appreciate it!

Hunter (The Hunt, Book 1)

This was the novel I added into the poll last year and it won with the most votes. I ended up winning that Camp session with 50,096 words. The novel is not complete yet. If it wins this year, I’ll be “rebelling” and adding on to the 50k. Here’s the summary:

Cat Webber is the daughter of big-shot Charles Webber, founder and owner of X-Terminate; a company that rids of mutants off the streets to keep humans safe. Raised as a Hunter, Cat believes all mutants are bad simply because they’re different from humans. However, her morals are questioned when she gets to know some mutants; especially Brandon Hurst.

Brandon Hurst is a mutant who can teleport and bend time. He knows some secrets about X-Terminate and Charles that Cat doesn’t even know about. Cat is curious to find out what Brandon may or may not know. It’s not until she discovers her father is killing off the mutants that Cat struggles with taking her father’s orders or if she should stand up for what she believes is right.

Far Away

This novel has also been started and is currently at 20,522 words. I would just add onto this as well. Unless those 20k words are really bad, then I’ll start over. It’s a romance, not something I typically write.

They say it’s hard to keep up with your high school friends. They go to different colleges, they move away, they make new friends. For Gina and Logan, they swear that will never happen.

Gina, Logan, and their group of friends are ready to graduate high school, and can’t wait for the new chapter of their lives to begin. For Gina, it’s striving to be an actress. For Logan, it’s becoming a police officer just like his late father.

But being an adult isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. Logan has to move unexpectedly across the country when his mother passes away. Meanwhile, Gina has realized that being an actress isn’t what it’s all chalked up to be.

Told in both points of view, Gina and Logan go through the ups and downs of life as they wonder if they’ll ever meet again.

The Blank Page (Writers Group, Book 1)

Again, this is novel has been started as well. It’s only at 11,518 words. Like Far Away, I may start it over or I may just add onto it.

There’s a well-known website catered to writers dedicated to all things writing. It’s to help writers, to support writers, to meet other writers, and anything else you can image.

A new feature has been added to the site to create real life writing groups. If you so choose, you can sign up for the feature, fill out a quick questionarie, and the website will see which other writers you’re compatible with. From there, the group can meet how often they want in real life to write together, discuss writing together, or to just be friends with something in common.

There’s Dominic, a 25-year-old quiet business man. He’s unsure what to write, though he’s written bits and pieces of mystery before.

There’s Justin, a 27-year-old laid-back English teacher. He’s writing a young adult drama and has the novel planned out perfectly.

There’s Adair, a 22-year-old spunky freelance writer. She’s working on a fantasy novel and is completely winging the plot.

While each one of them has a lot to learn about writing, there’s something they can all learn from each other.

Again, please and thank you for voting on while novel I should write for July’s Camp NaNo session! The poll will close in one week. I’ll announce the results June 16.

Now onto the wrap up…


I read most of the books I planned to this month. I got a late start, but I did read about one book a week, which is what I planned.

You can get out my Reading List for the books I read and links to their reviews.


I made slow progress on George Florence. I got some planning done on the first book. I also planned out a good chunk of the series since I needed to know dates and such like that.

Other than that, I didn’t do too much writing or editing. I was kind of in a slump, but I think I’m in a good place now.


I got a head start on my June posts and did a lot of brainstorming and planning for July and August. The summer is going to be pretty busy blogging-wise, so that was a big help.


I didn’t get too much done, but I got a decent amount done at the same time. May was a pretty slow month, but now that it’s over I’m wondering where it went.

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20 thoughts on “Voting and May 2016 Wrap Up

  1. You have so many options! I have a novel I started in December, but I think it’s a bit too generic to be usable.

    Currently working on a micro-chapbook, which may turn into a chapbook. I’m hoping it won’t be an empty project (i.e stop half-way through because of self-doubt and lack of motivation).

    I voted for “Hunter”. Seems like the book with the most potential out of all of them.

    • Oh, there are plenty more where those ones came from… trust me. 😉
      I don’t think it’ll be an empty project. I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep yourself motivated and going. Good luck and thanks for voting. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of Far Away. To me, that sounds less like a romance and more like an opportunity to show how a series of events can not only split two people, but also bring them back together, unbeknownst to them, but knownst to us. Actually, they could get involved in romances while they’re apart. Anyway, that was my choice. It just sounds really interesting to me. Good luck with whatever you end up writing! 🙂

    • Good point! When I first thought of the idea I figured they’d get together because I wanted to try my hand at romance. But the characters may end up taking the wheel.
      Thanks for your input. 🙂

    • And of course… that sent before I could complete my thought process… You may not think you did a lot this month, bit I remember you talking about going between four jobs. Four. Jobs. Even if they’re all part-time, that’s still a lot of time. I’d say you accomplished a ton, all things considered.

      • Oh, yes! I’m certainly not sitting on the couch watching TV all day (although that would be nice, lol!). I do wish that writing could be one of my jobs, though. 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks for voting. 🙂
      No, you did not get the memo, lol. There are two Camp sessions as well. One in April and one in July. It’s pretty much the same thing as the November NaNo, except you get put into cabins with about ten or so other writers and you can reach for whatever word count you want. I think the minimum is 10k, but you can reach for 100k if you want.

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