Short Story Sunday 110

            I didn’t think the morning would come so quickly. When the first light peeked through my bedroom curtains I blinked just one eye open. I shifted my sleepy gaze around quickly in search for my digital clock.

It was too early in the morning. Yet my alarm was supposed to go off in about five minutes. I hated it when I woke up right before my alarm. Didn’t my brain know that I wanted to sleep in as much as possible?

I rolled over onto my stomach burying my face into my pillow. I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to go back to sleep and accidentally sleep through my alarm. I didn’t want to open my eyes and see that any of this was real. I didn’t even want to check the date even though I knew what day it was.

Even though it seemed like not even a minute had passed by, my alarm blared next to me. I groaned, slapping my hand against the button, but only after I missed the button three times.


I groaned upon hearing my name, but I didn’t bother moving in my bed. I heard feet shuffling across my bedroom and then heard the curtains screech against the rod as my mother drew them open.

“Do you remember what day it is today?” she asked eagerly.

I groaned again.

“Oh, come on! I know you’re nervous, but it’ll be the best day of your life.”

My bed sunk lower as my mother sat down beside me and patted my backside. I rolled over, squinting in the sunlight, before my vision finally cleared enough for me to make out her face.

“I wanted to elope.” I muttered.

“You wouldn’t remember that as much.” My mother smirked.

“Exactly. I wouldn’t remember how nervous I’ll be walking down that aisle. I wouldn’t remember how embarrassed I’ll be during my first dance while all eyes are on me.” I grunted holding my head in my hands.

“Honey, you’ll be fine. Steve is going to be right up there with you.” My mother reassured me.

“Steve is an idiot…”

My mother laughed. “You’re not allowed to call him that until after your honeymoon.”

“We dated for six years and have been engaged for three. I can call him whatever I want.” I muttered.

My mother grabbed my hands and pulled me forward. I sat up feeling like dead weight as my mother grunted to lift me.

“I know you’re scared, but none of that will matter when you see him standing at the altar. I promise.”

“I’m gonna puke.”

My mother rolled her eyes. “Honestly, Eve. Get up.”

I rolled out of my bed as soon as my mother stood. I stared at my wedding dress hanging up across from my bed. I let out a nervous sigh, but smiled. I was getting married today.

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