So I Had A Post For Today…

I scheduled a post for today way back at the beginning of the month. Except I never wrote it.

I never wrote it because I never finished what I needed to do for my novel in order to write this post.

So I have moved this post to be uploaded on Monday, with some hope that the weekend will allow me some extra time to make it through this little mini-project on my novel and I’ll be able to talk about it on here, my blog.

But I’ll give you a sneak peek, anyway because I really don’t have anything else semi-intelligent to say.

I’ve been slowly working on my detective series, Detective Florence. Notice I said series, not novel.

Sure, I’ve been working on the first novel since November 2013 and I’ve made a lot of changes to it since then. But there’s just so much information that goes into the first novel and I have so many ideas for the novels to come.

You know how when you finished reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, you most likely said to yourself, “Wow, Rowling had this all planned from the very beginning!”

I swear she must have thought of the series as a whole and not just novel-by-novel. Or she must have had some idea anyway… I do remember when the fourth novel came out Rowling was interviewed and said she needed to change something in that novel because she noticed a huge plot hole.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been looking at Detective Florence as a whole, not novel by novel. Sure, I’m still sending bits and pieces of the novel to my writer’s group, so I am I mainly focused on the first installment.

But when you have cases that date back to previous cases and people that were connected to cases in the past, I figured I needed to map out all the dates for all the cases I have planned… It’s a lot more work than you would think.

If you know me, then you know math and I don’t get along very well. I’ve already messed it all up twice before finding dates that made sense with one another. George aged five years, but that’s alright I guess… We’ll see how it all works out.

But more on that later.

When you write a series, do you look at it as a whole or just book-by-book?

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18 thoughts on “So I Had A Post For Today…

  1. I haven’t written a series (yet!) just standalone, but I can’t yet tell what if my next novel will be one or two or three or however many more my characters decide to plunge me in to. Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to it! I’ve got to have a few hours of long thinking!

  2. I wrote my first novel thinking that it would be a one-shot. That’s why the ending is an actual ending. As I was editing that first novel, I began getting ideas for a continuation to the story. Even though I tried my all to not start writing a second novel, I eventually came to a point in which I opened a blank document and began writing the notes. Still, I didn’t want to go through all of the crap I went through when writing the first novel, so I held myself back from starting the second novel for as long as possible. When I eventually did open up a blank document to write the first chapter of the second novel, I named that chapter “Oh F***, We’re Doing This Again, Aren’t We?” as a way to vent my frustration at myself for not being able to let that second novel go unwritten.

    As I wrote the second novel, it became clear to me that it would lead directly into the third novel, which is why I had to start writing the third novel (I’m currently on Chapter 5). So my trilogy kind of mirrors The Matrix films in that the first one can stand alone, but the next two are absolutely connected. Thankfully, I think my second and third novels are turning out better than the first.

  3. When I wrote Puck’s Choice, it wasn’t meant to be a series. It was meant to be a standalone, and *spoilers* Puck was… not supposed to live… Then I had an idea for a sequel and then for a prequel (of sorts)… and it kinda blew up. Now it’s going to be a five-book series (minimum). The first five and a novella are completely planned (now), but I’m also having to re-work a few things in three, which may change a few other things in four and five.

    That said, another series I’ve been planning also wasn’t originally meant to be a series. All three books were originally their own fantasy worlds and stories, but then I thought about the idea of visiting various continents and islands of the same world and combining the individual novels into a single series. It’s been a lot of work because I’m still developing the world – the culture(s) of the different continents, the races and species indigenous to each place, religion, etc – and while I have first drafts written of all three, I won’t be writing new drafts or new stories until I finish developing the world… something I haven’t worked on in a looooooooong while actually.

    • That’s interesting how Puck’s Choice was supposedly to be so different from what it is now. That character wanted so much more attention! Lol.
      Building a new world is tough work. It’s something that I’ve wanted to try, but just haven’t had the time or will to actually work on something that big just yet. Though I do have ideas.
      Good luck with it all!

  4. I have an idea for a series, which I have started to slowly plot out the events, but as you say, it takes time. The idea came to me not as a standalone novel but as a series because I realised the overall theme of the story would take a series of books to explore.
    Good luck this weekend, with finishing your mini project.

    • Most ideas come to me as a series as well. I enjoy writing series though. There’s so much to explore with them.
      Thanks, and good luck to you as well!

  5. My novel is a series and I look at it as a whole. I want to have the second part done as close to the release of the first one. Haven’t thought past the second one though. Need to do that. Look forward to your series, sounds very interesting. 🙂

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