May Goals

may 2016 goals rachel poli


Here are the books I will be reading this month:

1. Give it Back by Danielle Esplin
2. Sugar and Snails by Anne Goodwin
3. The Secret of Ice Cream Success by AD Hartley
4. Fallout by Ellen Hopkins


1. Organize all my writing stuff (Dropbox, Google Drive, flash drive, my folders, notebooks, etc.) — Seriously, I have so many notes and such that it’s a problem.
2. Edit George Florence — After taking a month-long break from this novel to write a completely different novel, I’m ready to dive back into this mystery. I hope my detective skills aren’t too rusty.
3. Submit a short story or poem to at least contest.


1. Write posts for June
2. Continue to seek new blogs to follow and comment a lot

I’m still looking for guest bloggers starting in July through the end of 2016. If you’re interested, please check out my Guest Blogger guidelines. Thanks!

I’m ready to tackle whatever May brings!

What are your goals for the month?

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8 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Nice. I need to get myself organized, too. Good luck with all you writing. And hope you enjoy the books. I was highlighting a lot in Anne Goodwin’s book – very well-written.

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