April 2016 Camp Wrap Up

And so another Camp NaNoWriMo session has come to an end.

I think it turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself.

camp nanowrimo winner april 2016 rachel poli

Word Count

Day 27: 0
Day 28: 0
Day 29: 0
Day 30: 0

Overall Total: 58,159

I made my goal of 50,000 words on April 22. I wanted to complete the whole story and I knew 50k just wasn’t going to cut it. So I planned to write until the bitter end, but I stopped with four days to spare.

I knew what I wanted to happen next, but was unsure how to go about the whole thing. I decided to give myself a break from the story, which isn’t a bad thing.

No matter whether it’s Camp NaNo or just regular NaNo, no matter the month whether it’s April, July, or November, my stats always come out weird. And I mean weird.

My goal is always to write 2,000 words a day. I often try to get 4,000 words a day on Saturdays and Sundays since I don’t have work those days. It never ends up like that.

I do well the first week and then get burnt out. If I get really ahead, I get cocky and decide not to write the 2k words. I’ll write a little less or worse, skip the day all together. If I make my goal, I’ll just stop writing. It doesn’t matter if the draft is done or not. The pressure is off, the challenge has been won, it’s time for a break even if there are still five days left in the month.

I mean, just look at what happened in April 2015:

camp nanowrimo april 2015 stats rachel poli

As you can see, there were plenty of days where I skipped writing. Maybe I was ahead, maybe I was busy, maybe I was just lazy. Who really knows?

I made it to 50,000 words on April 23. I don’t really know how I managed to finish early, but if you look close enough, you’ll notice that my count on April 22 was 45,000 words. So I wrote 5k on the 23. It must have been a Saturday.

You’ll also notice that as soon as I hit 50k words, I stopped writing.

Last April I wrote Anonymous Tip, which is a book in my George Florence detective series. I did not finish the draft.

April 2015 looks like a hot mess. But oh, what’s this?

Let’s take a look at this year’s stats…

camp nanowrimo april 2016 stats rachel poli


The only way I would be able to make this look any more perfect was if I wrote 2k even every single day. But in order to do that, I would have had to stop mid-sentence. Or interrupt a great dose of inspiration.

I don’t know what it was about this month, but I did really well and I am proud of myself. This has probably been one of the best NaNo sessions I’ve ever had.

Maybe it was because I was in a slump all throughout March so my mind was raring to go again. Maybe it was because I was writing a retelling of my favorite story ever, Peter Pan.

Whatever it was, it worked.

I didn’t bother trying to write 4k on the weekends, I just solely stuck to my 2k a day. Some days I ended up writing a bit more, but that was just fine with me.

I never got bored of the story, I was excited the whole month long. I came up with new ideas and even started planning the editing process.

Overall, it was a fantastic month.

How did Camp NaNoWriMo go for you? Or are you working on a project at the moment that has you really excited?

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25 thoughts on “April 2016 Camp Wrap Up

  1. Whoa, that’s an impressive word count for the month! Congrats on winning. 🙂 My goal was only 15k words and I only got to around 12k, but I’m not too upset about it. I made more progress on something than I have in a few months. I lost a lot of steam in the last few days and ended up not writing at all, but it was partly because I realized I need to develop the plot/characters more before I can continue. The story was starting to wander, and I think I need to think more about my characters’ motivations.

    • At least you wrote. It’s probably a good thing you recognized what you needed to do in order to move the story forward. Now you can dive in with new ideas and a new perspective!

  2. Congrats! I’m so glad it went well for you! 😀 I was going to do April Camp NaNo, but I have really important exams coming up so I just blogged instead. I needed a writing break – and now I’m raring to go again!
    PS I also love your new blog layout!

    • Thanks!
      That’s great. We all need a break sometimes. I had a lazy March and I think that’s why April went so well for me.
      Thank you, I’m glad the new layout is a hit!

  3. CONGRATS! Even if you weren’t writing everyday, you still made your goal and you still have words you can work with. Did you finish the story, or is there more to write to finish it up?

    According to my word document, I wrote just under 54K. However, it went up to nearly 59K when I validated it. Weird…

  4. Woah, good job. It is always nice when you still enjoy writing at the end of a month as full of it as nanowrimo. I had a goal of 30 000, 1000 each day, that i managed to reach successfully. I am aiming to up this to 40 000 for july camp, then hopefully i’ll be ready for november.

    • Thanks!
      Congrats on making your goal as well. 🙂 That’s a good idea to do a bit more and more each month. I’m sure you’ll kill it in both July and November.

  5. Well done Rache! You did wgreat regardless of the how, the fact is you got there. I have the same streak and my graph looks very similar to yours haha. Lazy days and what-not.

    By the way, loving the new look of your site. 🙂

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