Here, Have Some Excuses

No book review today.

This week was crazy hectic for me. I babysat on Tuesday and got locked out of their house in the rain. They changed the locks and forgot to give me the new key.

Wednesday I babysat for the same people and their chocolate lab ate a baby bunny traumatizing myself and the kids.

Friday, the same family, the same dog, walked into the back door slamming it shut on my face. I now have a bump next to my right eye.

I won’t even get into the craziness that happened at work all week.

Those are my reasons as to why I didn’t finish reading my book for a review this week.

…Those are my reasons for not finishing the book I started at the beginning of March…

Wow, that sounded really bad.

…To make up for it, here’s a picture of my turtle yawning. Which is exactly how I feel at the moment.

turtle rachel poli

22 thoughts on “Here, Have Some Excuses

    • Thank you! That’s what I was going for, lol.
      (This comment was thrown into my spam folder for some reason… So that’s why I’m responding about four/five days later… Weird.)

  1. Hey I don’t know what happened but my subscription hasn’t been coming through for you, so I am going to un follow and re follow you so it restarts itself 💖

      • So do I. I just changed email provider so I did wonder if that was the reason. But yours was the only one I lost. It happened to me a while ago and I lost a handful of people but was totally random.

        • That’s certainly strange. Though that did happen to me once. I was suddenly not following someone anymore, but I never did anything different.

  2. Sorry for your crazy week. 🙂 Love the turtle! We have one named Buddy. He isn’t that big yet though. He is funny. He now wants us to feed him to his mouth and not just dropping it in water. Spoiled little thing. 🙂

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