Camp: Week Four

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Just a few more days left!

Here’s an update of my third week of Camp NaNoWriMo and my novel, The Lost Girl.

The Ups

I completed the challenge with a total of 50,103 words on April 22! I stuck with my 2,000-words a day goal and it really paid off. Some days I even reached above 3,000. My stats look pretty steady, which is satisfying to look at.

I never got tired of the story. Even now, I’m still writing to complete the draft and I’m still very much excited for what will happen in the next chapter and the next and the next.

I think this has been a successful Camp!

The Downs

The only “down” I can really think of is that I’m not finished with the whole draft yet. I knew the story was going to end up over 50k words, but I’m beginning to wonder when it will actually end… Especially since there were a couple of scenes that I meant to add in and should have. I don’t really want to have to add anything during the editing process.

I’ve continued to write 2k words a day even after I hit my word count goal. I currently have 58,211 words. That’s not including today because I haven’t written anything yet. So I guess we’ll just have to see how long the novel goes.

I was really hoping to finish the whole draft by the end of the month, though.

Favorite Quote

“How in the world are we going to do that? Keep in mind that Mr. Smee is still hiding behind a tree somewhere.”

Word Count

Day 20: 2,121
Day 21: 2,393
Day 22: 3,445
Day 23: 2,017
Day 24: 2,042
Day 25: 2,018
Day 26: 2,031
Total for the week: 16,067
Overall total: 58,211

How are you doing with Camp?

18 thoughts on “Camp: Week Four

  1. You’re a robot, it’s the only explanation. Secretly I’m jealous as I’ve failed completely and didn’t even hit 5k.

    Well done on smashing the word count, it’s a hell of an achievement

  2. The words are flowing easier now that I’ve switched projects, but I’m still behind in word count. It will be interesting to see if I can catch up or not. Congrats on winning, even if you haven’t finished the novel yet.

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