Short Story Sunday 106

short story sunday zoo rachel poli

            His fifteen-year-old daughter was locked up in her bedroom chatting away on the phone. Who knew who she was talking to and how many minutes she was racking up on her cell phone bill.

His thirteen-year-old daughter was painting her nails at the kitchen table, with every single color spread out on the table, polish and polish remover spilled and stained on the wood as she couldn’t decide which color to choose.

The ten-year-old twins were launching each other off the couch to see how far they could fly.

Meanwhile, his five-year-old daughter was in the hallway coloring on the walls.

The father stood in the middle of his messy house rubbing his temples counting down the minutes until his wife’s plane got in… Which wouldn’t be for another day.

He picked up the phone and let it ring for a few moments before he finally heard the best zookeeper he knew on the other line.

“Hello, Mom? Yeah, I’ve officially lost control of the zoo.”

Words: 166

18 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday 106

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed.
      “We’ve lost control of the zoo” is something my co-worker always says at work when our students are acting up, lol.

          • You’re very welcome. I quite like how you say you started with fanfiction. I think that was how I first started posting online writing. I started blogging afterwards.

            • Ah, yeah. Fan fiction is wonderful. I often think of getting back into it. It was fun. And everyone needs to start somewhere. 🙂

              • Indeed. I left mine unfinished but going back to them instead of working on original stuff doesn’t seem like the best use of my time. It amazing the response that you could get from the fanfiction community though. Blogging is a much slower build.

                • I agree, that’s why I haven’t gone back to fan fiction. I want to work on my original stuff first.
                  I do think it all depends on what platform you use. I was well established on the website, so I got a decent amount of feedback. When I started blogging, I used Blogger for about a year and no one ever came across my blog. Once I switched to WordPress I had traffic immediately. Not high traffic, but it was better than what it was before.

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