Short Story Sunday 105

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Elle stretched her arms, back, and legs up into a downward dog pose. She grunted trying to hold herself there. Her bangs were damp with sweat as they hung in her face, all her body parts hurt, and everyone else in the yoga class seemed to be a lot better at this than she was.

Why did she come here again?

“Exhale and slowly bring your body back down.” The instructor said.

Elle let her arms collapse. She breathed heavily making a huffing and puffing sound. People were beginning to stare at her. She tried not to pay them any attention knowing she would only make a face at them in return.

“Now take another deep breath and bring yourself back up into another downward dog.”

Elle lifted her head to glare at the instructor. Again? Why were they doing this pose for a third time? How much money was she paying for this class again?

As much as she complained in her head, Elle lifted her body up grunting and groaning in the process. It was a good thing she was in the back of the class. People could hear her failing, but at least no one could see her.

“Exhale and bring yourself down…”

Elle’s arms gave out and instead of slowly bringing her body back down on her yoga mat, she belly-flopped with a thud. “Ow…” she murmured face-planted into her yoga mat.

If people weren’t staring before they were certainly staring now.

“Go to a yoga class, it’ll be fun.” Her sister had said. “It’s be nice a relaxing for you. We’ll watch the kids.” Her mother had added.

Elle scoffed still with her face buried into her mat completely ignoring the next instructions from the yoga teacher. She should have just reclined the driver’s seat in her car and taken a nap. That would have been fun and relaxing.

It would have saved her some money as well.

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