Short Story Sunday 104

short story sunday rachel poli

            “X marks the spot! Everyone knows that.” Daniel stretched out his arms dramatically. He pointed to the big, red “X” on the map he had drawn himself with crayons. “The treasure is here.”

“But how can you be so sure?” Sydney shrugged her shoulders. She adjusted the purple bandana on her head with frustration. “This is annoying…”

“It’s not annoying. You’re a pirate. Act like it.” Daniel groaned.

“Can we play dolls soon?” she asked.

“No! You said you would play pirates with me for a little bit.” Daniel sighed.

Daniel always played pirates with their older brother, Jim. It was his first week away at college so Daniel had tried to recruit his little sister to be on his ship—which was an old cardboard box Jim had created for Daniel a long time ago. Except all Sydney did was complain.

“It’s been a little bit.” Sydney stated. She took off the bandana and rubbed her sweaty head. “Ugh, gross…”

Daniel rolled his eyes and then pointed to the map once more. “You’re going to want to find the treasure, Sydney.”

“Doubt it.”

Daniel smirked. “You don’t even know what the treasure is.”

“And you do?” Sydney deadpanned folding her arms across her chest.

“Of course. I had to set the whole game up. Naturally, I know what the treasure is where to find it.” Daniel stood up tall, a smug expression taking over his face.

Sydney stared at him in confusion. Daniel then smiled.

“Where are your dolls, Sydney?”

She gasped. “You didn’t!”

Daniel pointed to the map again. “You’re going to have to get to the X if you want to play dolls.”

Sydney angrily put the bandana back on her head, snatched the map out of her brother’s hands, and stormed off towards the backyard, counting her steps just like the map ordered her to.

Words: 309

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