Short Story Sunday 103

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            It was a quiet day. Jamie stared out the window with a gloomy expression. It was raining outside so she wasn’t able to hop onto her bike and go to her friend’s house down the street. It was finally Saturday and she had to spend the day inside.

There were plenty of things to do inside. She could watch some TV, read a book, or play quietly with her younger brother and sister. But she and her friend had plans that day. They were going to have a lemonade stand on the side of the road.

The weatherman called for sunny skies and 70-degree air. It was still 70-degrees, but warm rain splattered against the window in big drops. There was nothing worse than warm rain to make you feel sticky.

It was just then that her little brother and sister stood on the couch next to her. Jamie was tall enough to kneel on the couch and peer out the window, but the twins had short, stubby legs.

“Lookie what we have…” Jamie’s sister sang as her brother waved two fistful of markers in her face.

Jamie tilted her head to the side. “Uh, would you like to color?”

Jamie could never tell what her siblings wanted. They were too young to properly explain things and sometimes it seemed as though they enjoyed confusing people.

Her brother opened a yellow marker and drew a circle in the top right hand corner of the window. Jamie’s mouth gaped open. She should tell her mother that they were drawing on the window.

Then her brother added lines coming out of the circle and then colored it in.

A sun.

Jamie’s sister then grabbed a green marker from her brother and scribbled along the bottom of the window.


Soon there was blue—the sky—covering the whole top half of the window around the yellow sun and some white, fluffy clouds. They added colorful flowers at the bottom as well as the best drawing of them and their sister they could make.

“And!” Jamie’s sister held up her index finger for suspense. Meanwhile her brother drew a rectangle with a brown marker.

They added two stick-figured girls, one with long blonde hair like Jamie and the other with short brown hair. A pitcher of a yellow drink was added after.

“See? Now you had your lemonade stand!” Jamie’s brother exclaimed proud.

Jamie couldn’t help but smile. She assumed her siblings were just looking for attention when they were only trying to make her feel better. She was going to have to play with them now whether they asked her to or not!

But before Jamie could respond, their mother walked into the room dropping her duster onto the ground. Jamie smiled innocently and shrugged. She had no idea what to say. Her mother didn’t know what to say either as her mouth hung open, too shocked for words.

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