Would You Rather

Over a month ago, my sister Kris invited me to be a part of a writer’s edition “Would You Rather.”

I’ve done versions of this before, but these questions are different and it’s fun to do anyway!

Would You Rather Writing Edition Rachel Poli

Would you rather…

Drink coffee or tea?

Coffee, definitely!

Write a series in the same world or create a new world with every novel?

The same world. I can always expand on it and each novel can be set in a different part of the world so I’d still be creating new places as I go.

Write a short story a week or one novel a year?

Short story a week. Short stories can turn into novels. And I know it’s quality over quantity, but the first drafts of everything are terrible, so I don’t care.

Type or write longhand?

This is a tough one, but I think I’ll have to go with typing. It’s faster and my hands don’t tire as easily. Though, I do love to write longhand!

Write play scripts or comic books?

I love comic books, but I choose scripts. I’ve written a few scripts before so I have some “experience” (if you can call it that). Also, I love the idea of one of my stories being on the big screen.

Have more of an author presence on Twitter or Tumblr?

Twitter. I feel as though Twitter is more business-related while Tumblr is more silly. Though, I absolutely love Tumblr.

Use your real name or a pen name?

Real name. Though lately I’ve been wondering if I should use my initials with my last name instead of saying “Rachel Poli.” I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I actually publish something!

Have your book become a movie or a television show?

Movie. I don’t think TV show adaptations of books are all that good. Then again, most movie adaptations aren’t that great either sometimes. But I think the movies have more to work with.

Read your writing aloud to a roomful of loved ones or strangers?

Strangers. If they think my writing is horrible, that’s fine. I’ll never see them again. I can take the criticism and leave. If my family and friends were boo-ing me off the stage? Then I’d have to disown myself or something.

Write in silence or with noise/music?

I can do both, but lately I’ve preferred having instrumental music on in the background.

Have an entire fay of uninterrupted writing time or write in short bursts of time?

Short bursts of time. I need breaks. I usually write for an hour, do something else for an hour, write for another hour, etc. If I wrote all day then I’d get nothing else done.

Be a main character in a romance novel or an action novel?

Action. Though I’m afraid of my own shadow, so… Good luck with that.

Write about the past or the future?

Future. I can make stuff up!

Be the lesser-known coauthor or a bestseller or the sole author of an average-selling book?

Sole author. It would be cool to collaborate but I think I work better on my own sometimes.

Meticulously plot out every aspect of your novel or just wing it?

Winging it is fun, but I need a plan!

Feel free to answer these questions yourself! Have fun with it!

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12 thoughts on “Would You Rather

  1. What a nice idea to do.

    I’m impressed you even considering longhand writing. I can’t even write half a page without cramp. I stay with typing I think.

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