Short Story Sunday 99

Short story sunday writing prompt rachel poli

            Jane snorted, holding onto her stomach as she laughed uncontrollably. Her eyes squeezed shut as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her breathing stopped being steady and rhythmic to heaving and wheezing.

“It’s not that funny.” Rob watched Jane roll along the couch. He tried not to laugh, but he could help himself.

“I’m sorry,” Jane forced herself to sit up. She wiped a tear out from under her eye with her index finger. “You just made such a hilarious face.”

“It’s sour, what did you expect?” Rob held up the lemon shrugging his shoulders. “You told me to have a taste and I did.”

“Because I knew your face would be priceless.”

Rob rolled his eyes, but he still smiled. He placed the lemon back down on the cutting board and sliced it into quarters.

“That’s an interesting way to cut a lemon.” Jane stood up from the couch and walked over to Rob to observe.

She opened her mouth to say something more and Rob tossed a piece of lemon into the wide target of her mouth.

Jane immediately took the lemon out of her mouth as her face scrunched up. She giggled, coughing as she choked on the lemon juice slipping down her throat.

Rob watched her with great amusement.

“Alright,” Jane laughed, “I think we’re even now.”

Rob nodded his approval. “You’re right. The face is priceless.”

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