Short Story Sunday 98

short story sunday writing prompt

So today’s Short Story Sunday isn’t actually a short story. It turned into a poem! Of some sort…

I never write poetry, though I do try every once in a while. It’s something I would like to improve on. So hopefully you guys enjoy it!

I know you miss me,
I miss you too.

We’re not together,
But you’re not alone.

Dry your eyes,
Put on a smile.

I’m okay,
I made it safely.

I’m with old family,
Who we’ve missed dearly.

I’ve reunited with friends,
Who left too soon.

I’m with past pets,
Who never got enough time with us.

I see you’ve left my bedroom the same,
I’ll miss all my things.

I’ll miss the way,
Mom’s cooking smells.

I’ll miss the way,
Dad hugs me tight.

I’ll miss the way,
My sisters laughed and gossiped.

Life was cut short,
Just like many before me.

I was happy with my life,
I don’t regret a thing.

So don’t cry because I’m gone,
Smile because I existed.

Don’t feel sorry I’m gone,
Be thankful you still have opportunities.

Don’t be angry I’m gone,
Be happy you knew me.

Think of the good times,
The happy, fun memories.

Because all I ask is,
You remember me.

And when your time comes,
I’ll be here waiting.

Words: 171


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