Short Story Sunday 96

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            She smelled of peaches. He didn’t know why, but that attracted him to her. He didn’t want to admit that to anyone, though. There was no way that she was going to go out with him, let alone talk to him. Or even look at him, for that matter.

Yet, he had to look at her every day.

Frank sat behind Amber in math, English, and science class every day. He didn’t have a choice but to look at her. It’s not like he would rather pay attention to what the teacher was speaking or writing on the white board in the front of the class.

Frank liked to lean forward in his seat. He always propped his head up against his arms resting of the surface of his desk. Amber always leaned back in her chair so that she could text under her desk while class was in session. Therefore, his face was always close to her.

He didn’t know if the peach smell was coming from her hair. She might have used some special shampoo. Her brunette hair with red-tinted highlights was so soft and silky every single day. Frank, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to get his dandruff to go away.

Maybe the peach smell was from her perfume. Frank breathed in through his nose and sighed happily at the thought. Peach-smelling perfume was much better than the perfume most other girls wore. In his opinion, most perfume—no, all perfume—smelled like his grandmother.

“Franklyn, what do you think about Hester Prynne’s situation?”

Frank sat up from his daze. His English teacher had a certain look on her face which meant she was only asking him because she knew he wasn’t paying any attention. He looked around at the other kids in class and noticed they all had A Scarlet Letter opened except for him.

He looked back at his teacher and shrugged his shoulders smiling sheepishly at her.

“Do you even know what her situation is…?” the teacher asked bored.

Frank looked at the back of Amber’s head. “No.” he muttered.

He didn’t know anything about her… or Hester Prynne.

Words: 356

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