Short Story Sunday 92

Short Story Sunday 92 Laugh

            The teacher turned his back to write some notes on the white board. A few students bowed their heads to jot the notes down in their own notebooks, occasionally looking up to read what was being written on the board. Other students took this as an opportunity to take out their cell phones and send a few quick text messages.

Kylie, on the other hand, didn’t do anything. She leaned forward in her desk, her head resting against her arm. She heaved a sigh in boredom taking a quick glance at the clock. There was still about 30 minutes left. She sighed again. How was she going to get through the next half hour?


Kylie lifted her head just a little and looked to her right. James was two rows over staring at her. She shrugged her shoulders wondering why he was trying to get her attention. At least, she assumed he was talking to her on account he was staring directly at her.

James started to open and close his hands as though he was mimicking someone talking. He crossed his eyes, stuck his tongue out the side of his mouth, and opened and closed his mouth without saying a word.

Kylie raised an eyebrow. What in the world was he doing? She glanced back over at the teacher, but his back was still facing the class. He was still writing notes on the board and still talking. Though, Kylie didn’t know what he was talking about. She wasn’t really listening to the teacher. She turned her attention back to James, who now how his cheeks puffed out.

She smirked a little shaking her head. She mouthed stop to him, but he shook his head in return. Then he made another face. Kylie pressed her lips together trying not to laugh. She wanted to look away from him just in case, but she couldn’t peel her eyes away from James wiggling his big ears.


Kylie stiffened and turned her attention right back to the teacher. He was facing the class now with his hands on his hips looking directly at James. Kylie shifted her eyes to look at James and he sat in his seat just as stiff as Kylie was.

“Since you seem itching to get out of your seat, why don’t you come up to the board and finish the problem?” the teacher held out his uncapped white board marker in James’s direction.

James stood up from his seat and did as he was told. Kylie bit her lower lip. They were learning something new today and since neither one of them were paying any attention there was no way that James was going to be able to figure out the problem.

And yet, James went right up to the board and completed the problem right away. He capped the marker and strutted back to his seat with confidence bounding off of him. The teacher nodded his head as he looked over the problem.

“Correct,” he said turning back to James, “My mistake. I thought you were goofing off, but I guess that was just your thinking face.”

Kylie and the rest of the kids in the class began to laugh.

“Touché…” James smiled at the teacher.

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