Short Story Sunday 89

SSS Imagination

            Jesse walked into the living room where his younger sister was sprawled out across the floor. She laid on her stomach scribbling on a white piece of paper. Crayons and markers surrounded her, some rolling away from her without her noticing.

Jesse let out a sigh. Someone was going to come in here and trip over something.

“Stacey, what are you doing?” He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked closer to her watching his every step.

“Drawing,” Stacey replied nonchalantly without bothering to take her eyes off her paper.

“I can see that, but what are you drawing? You look very busy over here.” Jesse wondered. He tilted his head too look at her paper which was upside down from where he stood. He still couldn’t make out what she was trying to create, though.

“I am super busy.” The four-year-old replied. Her tongue stuck out the corner of her mouth as she dropped her red crayon and picked up a blue marker.

Jesse bent his knees and squatted down beside her. “Can you tell me about your picture?” he prompted one more time.

He still couldn’t quite make out what Stacey was drawing. There was a huge colored-in orange circle in the middle of the paper. Four brown lines stuck out of it as though they were arms and legs, but the circle didn’t have a face. Small, yellow triangles surrounded the circle in all different directions as though they floated around the circle. The top half of the background was colored in red while Stacey currently worked on coloring the bottom half blue.

“I don’t get it.” He added, scratching the top of his head.

Stacey sighed putting down her blue marker. “This,” she pointed to the circle, “is an alien. He is in space, but the space is on fire.” She pointed to the triangles and then to the red background.

“The triangles are space?” Jesse asked in confusion.

“Stars,” Stacey replied coloring the bottom half of the paper blue again.

“Clever. I’ve never seen stars look like that before.” Jesse nodded. “So the red is fire because… space is on fire. So what’s the blue?”

“Water. Alien is going to put out the fire. Everyone knows that water beats fire.” Stacey chuckled as though it were completely obvious.

“Ah,” Jesse nodded. “Well good job with that. It looks good.”

Jesse stood up and carefully walked out of the room stepping over stray coloring materials. The picture made no sense to him. To be inside the mind of a four-year-old would be an amazing thing for sure.

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