Time To Write: Sentence Starter 5


Start a story with this sentence and see where it takes you.

Have fun!

If you choose to participate, post your work in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Next Friday, before revealing the next prompt, I’ll post your work with a link back to your blog if you wish.

Happy writing!


7 thoughts on “Time To Write: Sentence Starter 5

  1. I actually had time to write this week. it’s a miracle!! XD Short, but it’s something.

    The bell chimed twice which meant he had completed the ritual. At last. Lucca breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed onto his knees sweating and shaking. He could hear his grandmother’s breath looming over his shoulder. Somehow he always smelled her perfume over the burning incense.

    “Perhaps you’d like to try again.” It wasn’t a request.

    “…would you like me to try again?” the boy asked. He knew the answer.

    “Do it until you can say the words without stuttering. We can’t have a leader with a stutter.”

    Sleep beckoned Lucca to the floor’s embrace, but his grandmother chased away those thoughts with the sharp tap of her staff on the stone. “Once more.” And the boy stood, almost mechanically, reciting words that held no meaning to him anymore.

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