Inspiration Station: How To Organize Your Books

Organize Your Books


You can never have too many books, but when you barely have room for them all… You have too many books.

However, just because you have too many to fit on one shelf doesn’t mean that you can’t make them look pretty in the process. There are multiple ways to organize the books sitting on your shelves.

1. Alphabetized by author’s first name or last name.

I think this method makes a lot of sense. It makes searching for a certain book easier and it keeps all books together by the same author. This is especially great if there are series’ involved.

2. Alphabetized by series name.

More or less the same thing as before. All the series’ stay together, though the same author may be in multiple areas of the bookshelf–or on a completely different bookshelf.

3. Put all the hardcovers together or all the paperbacks together.

The books themselves will be jumbled around, but it would look uniformed. If you have OCD, that’s a win for you.

4. By page number. Do thick to thin or thin to thick.

Again, you authors and series will be jumbled around, but the books would look uniformed.

5. Rainbow.

You would never find the book you’re looking for unless you remember the color of its spine, but it sure would look pretty.

22 thoughts on “Inspiration Station: How To Organize Your Books

  1. Mass market paperbacks are on a shelf and then organized by author’s last name and then series afterwards (if an author has more than one series or a series and some stand-alones). Then I have another shelf for tradeback paperbacks, same organization. And then still another for everything non-fiction which is organized by category and what fits on what shelf.

  2. Organize? I’ve heard of such a thing, but have yet to put it into practice. Mostly because I have more books than shelves, so everything is stacked 2-3 layers into the bookcase.

  3. I mostly group them by genre. I daydream about arranging them by color one day, but it would make it harder to find what I’m looking for.

  4. I’ve recently reorganized my book shelf by reading preference. Top shelf is for my favorite rereads, 2nd shelf is for new books and books I haven’t reread much, 3rd shelf has my binders of writing, writing guides, poetry and Manga books. And the last/bottom shelf is my children’s books.

  5. Lots of good ideas I like mine to go from large to small size wise, but the annoyance is I want them in order within author sections – which doesn’t always happen. I tend to have a shelf for non fic which are ordered thematically and then the fiction shelves are grouped by author

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