WordPress Wish

Wordpress Wish

WordPress changes a lot of things. I feel like they’re changing the format of the website all the time.

The Reader is different now and there are more steps to get to the old WP Admin screen. I don’t know about any of you, but I still use and prefer the old WordPress over the new… even though the “new” is getting kind of old at this point.

If WordPress is going to keep changing things, you know what I would really love for them to have?


I don’t know if that would help any of you, but it would certainly help me out a lot.

I write many of my blog posts in advance and I’m a very organized person in real life. It would be awesome if I could be just as organized on my blog as well.

My draft box is so cluttered with upcoming blog posts that it’s hard to keep them all in order. I have a planner to keep track of which posts are to be published on which days, but I would love to organize my categories.

Every Sunday is Short Story Sunday. Every Wednesday is Inspiration Station. Fridays are Time To Write and Saturdays are Book Reviews.

Short Story Sunday and Time To Write are always written well in advance. Inspiration Station I try to and the Book Reviews I only write in advance if I finish the book in a timely manner.

Either way, I would love for my draft inbox to have folders for each feature on my blog. It would make my life easier for when I upload posts.

Did you hear that WordPress? That’s what’s on my Christmas wishlist this year.

15 thoughts on “WordPress Wish

  1. I still use the old Admin screen all the time. It’s more user friendly than any of the newer screens they’ve been putting out. I write most of my posts in .txt files and keep them in folders on my flash drive until I’m ready to paste them into WP. Having folders right on WP would save a step.

    • I use the old WP Admin screen as well. I’m not a fan of the new one. I used to put my blog posts in Word and then put them on WordPress, but that just seemed like an extra step. I only do it with certain posts now.

  2. Yep I also still use the old wordpress admin screen, it’s just right the way it is. As for folders you are absolutely right, something to organize drafts by, maybe even Tags by date or something. Hmmm let’s hope WordPress is listening 😉

  3. Folders would be great. Another feature I’d like to see is a calender with all the scheduled posts marked in so you can see at a quick and easy glance which dates are missing posts.

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