Short Story Sunday 87

SSSS Green

            It was a pretty color. The way an emerald glistened in the light on someone’s ring or necklace reminded. The way the freshly cut grass brightened up any house, old or new. The way the dark pine needles on a Christmas tree took a step back allowing the lights and ornaments to steal the show.

It was a pretty color all around. The different shades could brighten or darken anyone’s day. Even the different shades you wore. A bright, neon shade showed you were happy and confident. You were out to have a good time. A darker shade like a forest showed you were more reserved, more serious. Dark or light, it still says a lot.

While most people wear this color as a shirt or bathing suit, it doesn’t flatter many people when they wear it upon their face.

The look of envy is never a good one. It makes others scowl at you and you will never be happy. Don’t even ask me about getting sick to your stomach.

Yes, it’s a pretty color, but it all depends on how you choose to wear it.

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