Time To Write: Sense Of Smell

TTW Sense of Smell

With the holidays approaching, different kinds of smells are all around us.

If the air is cold enough, we can smell snow on the way. Sometimes the scent of Christmas trees waft in the air. The smell of baking cookies and other desserts is always comforting as well as the smell of Christmas dinner.

Even without the holidays, the smell of a good cup of coffee or tea can wake us up in the morning. Or we can be satisfied by the way the pages smell in a book while reading.

Take a moment and reflect on our wonderful sense of smell. Have your character describe what he smells during the situation he’s in. The five senses are a great addition to description in your writing.

If you choose to participate, post your work in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Next Friday, before revealing the next prompt, I’ll post your work with a link back to your blog if you wish.

Happy writing!

20 thoughts on “Time To Write: Sense Of Smell

  1. I stared up at the man in the white coat as he unwrapped the last of the bandages from my face. He was grinning maniacally. He smelled like alcohol and medicine. Underlying that was a stronger stench of death.
    “What have you done to me?” I asked. The words seemed to tumbled from my numb lips as though I had not said them. The words smelled like stale egg and toast. Breakfast. Only that was eight hours ago.
    “Oh this is so exciting!!” The doctor rushed to his table with incredible speed, grabbing a pen and scribbling furiously on his desk.
    “Doc!” I shouted. He turned his face towards me, dark locks flicking across his face to give me a truly maniacal face.
    “It’s amazing! Truly! I. Am. A. GENIUSSSS!” he threw a hand to the sky and rushed up to me.
    “What have you done!?”
    He turned his eyes towards me as though seeing me for the first time. His smile widened though I would have deemed it impossible.
    “It’s genius, really, not sure why nobody thought of it.”
    “What!? What is it!?”
    He giggled like a school boy.
    “You know how you were suffering from sinuses, hence why you came to me?”
    I nodded slowly, still too aware of the smells the man and the room were radiating
    “Well…” he patted my nose “I replaced your nose with a dog’s. Did someone say olfactory?”

  2. I remember being together with my grandmother when I was probably about seven or eight years old. It was summertime, around noon, and the sky was dark grey like lead. She asked me to come outside with her. There she ordered me to listen. No birds were singing, no bees humming. It was completely silent. And then she told me to smell. It was unique, unusual and unforgettable. And she said: “That’s how rain smells.”
    The first drops started falling only about 10 minutes later.
    About half a year, early December, I was with her again. Suddenly she ordered me to put on my jacket and we went outside. The sky was grey and cloudy, the air damp.
    She again ordered me to smell and I did.
    Then she said: “That’s how snow smells.”
    Not even half an hour later the first flakes fell.
    I never forget these episodes – nor the smells of rain and snow.

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