Writing And Exercise

Writing and Exercise

I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical. They always ask so many questions that I sound like a broken record and everything becomes a blur.

There’s of course one question they always ask: “How much exercise do you get a day?”

What I actually said: “Does chasing preschoolers around count?” Even if I had a gym membership, it would be collecting dust. My job is demanding and my students are physically draining. Trust me, I’ve been getting a good workout this year.

What I wanted to say: “I’m a writer and blogger. Exercise is not part of my vocabulary.”

During the warmer months I’ll take the dog for a walk and go swimming, but during the colder months? No. I don’t step foot outside unless I absolutely have to.

Before work and after work I tend to sit at my desk on the computer writing or blogging. Occasionally I will sit on the couch with a book.

Most of my downtime is spent playing video games or watching YouTube or Netflix.

But since we all need exercise in our lives, here are some fun ways to get fit.

Shake it out.

Hand writing a lot? Loosen that pencil grip and shake out those hands! I don’t really know what that will do, but I’m sure it’ll get the circulation back in your hand.

Flex those fingers.

Typing? Flex those stiff fingers. Again, I don’t know what that would really do either. You could always crack your knuckles, but I know that’s bad for you, so… Pretend I never mentioned it.

Carry some books.

Books can be heavy when together. Take a bunch in your arms and carry them up and down the stairs. I assume that would be good for upper and lower body strength. Plus, if you have a Fitbit it’ll boost your steps.

Do some squats.

Okay, this is a legit suggestion. I have a bad knee and constantly sit on them. If you’re at your desk and start feeling uncomfortable or your legs fall asleep, stand up and do some squats or jog in place.

It’s no gym, but it’s a start.

Also, take these “suggestions” with a grain of salt. I’m no fitness buff.

20 thoughts on “Writing And Exercise

  1. Winter always makes me go into a psuedo-hibernation. I have the exercise bike, but the cold is so draining. I will say that morning exercise helps with writing in that you can let your mind wander and prepare it for whatever you’re going to work on. At least with something ‘boring’ like biking.

  2. There’s a monthly exercise challenge that deals with squats… By the end of the month, it has you doing 200 squats a day, but don’t worry. You build up to that.

  3. Actually, cracking your knuckles has no significant health problems associated with it. So feel fee to crack all you want. It’s not bad for you, AND it feels great. ;]

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