Inspiration Station: What NaNoWriMo Taught Me

IS What NaNo Taught Me

NaNoWriMo does much more than giving you the motivation and inspiration to just sit down and write that story that has been begging to be told. It’s a great resource for writing, has an awesome community, and gets you to just do it. It’s gives you that extra push some of us need.

But NaNo teaches us other things as well that can be related writing or just everyday life.

Get in a routine, time management.

Whether it’s writing or something else, NaNo helps you discipline yourself to get in a routine. You gain time management skills to keep up with your daily routine and try to schedule things around this routine and be able to get work done each day.

Meet deadlines.

This kind of goes along with the time management. NaNo teaches you to manage your time well and figure out how much work should be done each day in order to meet your deadline. It’s also a bit competitive to some so some people strive to meet deadlines earlier which also helps.

Work under pressure.

Writing is a huge project, but that’s not the only big project you’ll ever have whether it’s school, work, a big family event, or whatever. NaNo teaches us to keep going and hit those goals and deadlines.

NaNo teaches a lot of life skills through writing. So anyone could do it.

I didn’t even touch upon the imagination and creativity.

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