Short Story Sunday 81

SSS Elusive           

“Get back here!” Greg shouted. He clutched the hilt of his sword with both hands tensing his shoulders. He stared upward as Lucy climbed on top of the cargo.

She paused to glance over her shoulder with a sly grin. Then she turned away and continued to climb upward, her sword dangling from her back. Lucy quickly made it to the top, disappearing high in the sky.

Greg growled to himself. He let the tip of his sword touch the ground as his eyes scanned the top of the cargo boxes. The boxes were stacked too high; he couldn’t see her anywhere. He began to pace looking for a way around the crates, but they were stacked up against the wall of the ship. Where could Lucy have gone? She must have been hiding on the top.

Greg stared down the cargo debating if he should climb up there to get her. However, there was no way he was going to be able to make it to the top without being at a disadvantage. Lucy would very easily be able to push him off.

“Lucy, why don’t you just come down here? You’re making this so much more work than it needs to be!” Greg called to the top of the cargo, but there was no answer.

There were no sounds of shuffling at the top and none of the boxes shook. Greg wondered if she was even still up there. She must have been standing very still if she was.

A slap of splashing water was heard. Greg turned his head to the right. He dashed over to the side of the ship. He peered down into the ocean. He rolled his eyes groaning watching the white foam from the splash rise to the surface causing the ripples to grow bigger.

“Lucille, you’re not going to get away from me this easily.” He vowed into the ocean. “I will find you. I will bring you to the king for that reward…”

Lucy poked her head over one of the cargo boxes watching Greg become more frustrated by the second. She frowned, sadness glazing over her eyes before turning away and escaping into the next room of the ship.

Her relationship with Greg changed when their parents passed away. Now that greed clouded his judgment, Lucy wondered if anything would be the same between her and her brother ever again.

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