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October has been an interesting month so far. With only a week left, I’ve realized that I didn’t nearly complete my reading goals as well as I should have.

I was sick for an entire week and the past two weeks have been so long and busy that by the time I have a moment to read, my brain has already shut down for the night.

So without further ado, here’s how you can make a habit of reading more.

Set aside a certain amount of time.

Read an hour before going to bed. Read for a half hour right before going to work. Whatever time works best for your brain. Try to get at least a half hour in a day, though.

Set a goal.

Try to read 50 pages a day. Or maybe just read one chapter a day. Something is better than nothing.

Bring a book where ever you go.

Keep a book (or e-reader) in your bag and bring it where ever you go. Read on your lunch break at work. Read while waiting for an appointment.

Take frequent trips to the library or bookstore.

Sometimes being surrounded by books inspires you to read more. Treat yourself once in a while and buy a new book. I have a ton of books at home I have yet to read, but still buy new books because you need to be up-to-date with what’s out there. Plus, it helps to keep things fresh.

I’m sure there are other ways to get into the habit of reading every day, but those are four things I try to do to read everyday.

Except for this past month. I haven’t been doing that great.

But now that I’ve written this, I’m going to go practice what I preach.

What habits help you read every day?

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