NaNoWriMo Prep Workshop

Prep Workshop

Last night was the first of two NaNoWriMo prep workshops. It was a free webinar hosted by Spreecast.

Four authors were there–Kami Garcia, Ellen Hopkins, Danielle Paige, and Jonathan Maberry–to discuss their own writing habits and give advice to the rest of us. The advice stretches from NaNo and beyond.

It was informative and definitely cool to see what best-selling authors have to say about certain things such as characters, world-building, etc.

I took notes in my NaNo notebook because… Well, why not?

So I thought I would share the video in case any of you missed it or forgot about it or whatever the reason, but you still wanted to be part of it.

You can view the video at Spreecast.

It’s about an hour long, but definitely well worth it.

The next workshop is about diversity in characters in which authors Dhonielle Clayton, I.W. Gregorio, and Miranda Paul gives us tips and tricks.

That workshop is Tuesday October 20. You can RSVP to the free webinar here to check out which time is right for you, depending on your time zone.

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