Short Story Sunday #78

SSS Butterflies

“First, they’re a caterpillar… Then they make a cocoon… And then…”


The kids cheered while sitting in a circle on the rug. They’re teacher had a diagram up on the board of how caterpillars become butterflies. She walked over to the shelf and grabbed a blue net from it.

She sat down on the floor and motioned for the preschoolers to come closer.

“Look,” she whispered, “all of our caterpillars are in their cocoons. One already came out and is a butterfly, which means the others will be butterflies soon, too.”

The kids scooted closer to the net and peered inside. They stared in awe at the Monarch butterfly that flitted around the net.

“Okay friends, back to your seats.” Their teacher stood up carrying the net back over to the shelf.

The kids obeyed right away scooting back to their original spots on the rug. Their teacher continued to discuss about different things that grow in nature, as that was their final unit for the school year.

It wasn’t until after the kids left for the weekend that a second butterfly came out from their cocoon.

“Are they going to survive the weekend?” the teacher asked.

“We’ll have to hope so. How sad would that be to come back Monday morning to a bunch of dead butterflies?” the assistant teacher chuckled.

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