Book Giveaway!

Via Gwendolyn's Blog
Via Gwendolyn’s Blog

My friend Gwendolyn over at Apprentice Never Master has been blogging every single day for two years! That’s true commitment right there and something worth celebrating.

She’s moving soon and, unfortunately, will not be able to take all her books with her.

So, to celebrate this accomplishment with her blog and followers, she is giving away twelve (12) of her books!

Gwendolyn runs a weekly feature called Gwendoogle where people ask her questions and she answers them. That’s how she’ll be determining the winners of this contest.

She’ll pick six questions that interest her the most and six that make her laugh the most. Those 12 people will win the books.

You can read the official rules and enter on her blog: Gwendoogle Giveaway.

If you would like to know more about Gwendolyn, you can follow her on her social media sites.

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