Short Story Sunday #77

SSS Attraction

All the girls in the junior class swooned over the senior boy, but Olivia didn’t think he was that good looking. Sure, he had nice blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, but didn’t anyone else realize that it was more than just outside looks?

Jake was the star football player for the school, so naturally everyone loved him. How clichéd was that? Olivia wasn’t going to fall for that. Jake was arrogant because of his position and he knew that all the girls adored him. That was not very attractive in Olivia’s eyes.

It wasn’t until the night of the first football game of the season that Olivia saw Jake in a new light. Normally, she wouldn’t go to the games, but her friends really wanted to see Jake play. She went along with it because… Well, why not?

It was in the middle of the game when Jake was pulled out of the game to take a break. Olivia watched him as he sat on the bench. She wondered if he would be frustrated getting pulled out for a short time. Plus, she didn’t know how football worked so she knew she wasn’t going to be missing anything by watching the players on the bench.

It was when the next play started that a young boy came up to the bench where Jake sat. He tapped Jake on his back nervously. Olivia watched closely wondering who the kid was and what exactly he was doing. She also wondered how Jake would react.

Jake turned around and smiled at the little boy. He picked up the boy up and put him on his lap. Together the two of them laughed and hung out for bit. Jake took his helmet and put it on the boy’s head. It wasn’t until Jake had to get back into the game that the boy ran back to his parents.

Did Jake have a little brother that Olivia didn’t know about? Either way, she found herself smiling at the scene. Maybe Jake had a different side to him that no one else knew about. Whatever that side was, it seemed to be much more attractive than Jake the football player.

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